We’re always inspired by Phoenix Design week. This year, five of our team at Resound went to participate in the sharing, inspiration, and learning that is the Design Week Conference. Just in case you missed the main speakers, we’ve recapped the awesome talks (complete with the best quotes!).

Ashleigh Axios, White House Creative Director, was a huge hit with our team!

Stephanie (our art director) said, “I enjoyed getting an inside look at the SOTU address and seeing how they iterated on their processes to make it a more interactive and content-rich experience. Designing for the betterment of people is a tough job, and it’s even tougher when you feel the weight of the Presidency (and all it means to be “Presidential”) bearing . . .

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Resound Turns 6

Well, this precocious business just turned a year older.  Last Wednesday marked the 6th anniversary of Resound Creative’s paperwork initiation, though it had been a gleam in the eye of its founders for years beforehand.  We’ve been reminiscing lately, so we compiled a little glimpse into the history of “remarkability.”

September 2003 – Resound is conceived on a hand-drawn sketch on David Cosand’s notepad in Payson, AZ

June 2005 – Resound collaborates with Production 12a on the award-winning ‘Confessions of a White-Collar Cop’ short film

January 2009  Resound Creative Media, LLC is officially formed by David Cosand and Jeff Watson

August 2009 – Mike Jones joins Resound as Partner


August 2012 – Mike Jones leaves his day job to run Resound full-time

September 2013 Resound moves . . .

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Buttons, Games, and Friends

What a busy week it’s been in the office! We’ve been working a lot getting everything organized for the upcoming Phoenix Design Week—doing everything from making our very own buttons, to organizing a game, to building a registration page. You name it, we probably did it!

Are you wondering what kind of game we came up with? Well, even if you’re not, you’re in luck, because we’re going to tell you anyways.

As you probably know by our earlier post, we are sponsoring this year’s Phoenix Design Week. Along with that, we get to put something into your “swag bag” (which is essentially a bag full of goodies from all the sponsors).

Inside your swag bag we’ll include a button with a word on . . .

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Resound is happy to announce that we are heading to the 6th annual Phoenix Design Week! The weeklong event kicks off this weekend with several events including the Method & Madness design conference. It is organized by AIGA Arizona, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a local designer showcase hosted by Creativity International Awards. (AIGA’s Legacy Exhibition ­+ Reception will take place on Saturday, Oct. 18 at 5:30 p.m.)

“What started out as one designer’s open letter to bring the community together has become a respected conference that brings together designers from around Arizona,” said Niki Baker, Phoenix Design Week Director and AIGA Arizona President. “It’s a rally cry to gather designers and show what we’re capable of as a . . .

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What a crazy week it’s been in Arizona! On Monday, a massive amount of rain greeted us, resulting in images like the one you see above (which may or may not be photoshopped). It left cars abandoned on freeways, homes underwater, and an empty Resound Office. Most of the team wasn’t able to come in because of the closed roads and water.

In what is being referred to as a once-in-500-to-1,000-years rainfall event, this was one of the worst rainfalls that Arizona has ever seen. By 7am, we had already accumulated 3 inches of rain, which broke a previous Arizona record set in 1933. At the end of the day, we had 4.41 inches of rain. To put that in perspective, . . .

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(by Matt Le, Web Developer & Designer at Resound)

My first experience with WordCamp could best be summed up in these three words…pho, spring rolls and WordPress. I had an awesome time—it was like all of the best things I love about web design and development wrapped up in a ‘WordPress’ spring roll wrapper.

I love photography, so naturally I took lots of pictures. Here are most of them…

It all started on the open road.

We arrived at our lodging.  

A dog greeted us.

We ate some local food!

Woke up the next morning for Wordcamp LA.

After a great day of seminars, we were invited to downtown LA for a social mixer.

Mike and I hung out with the Archers, Cody and his wife. They are . . .

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