Building brands. Developing experiences. Serving others.

None of it happens in a vacuum. What we do as a team requires a lot of work, drive, fortitude, and smarts. But it comes with a mini fridge full of beer, occasional office shenanigans, and generous flexibility to help you juggle life outside of work.

The Dealio

What’s Resound all about? That’s a fair question considering you’re on our careers page, so here’s the scoop. We hold a few values very closely: authentic identity, local culture, relationships, pure creation, and candor.

We call Tempe, Arizona home

We share our workspace with other growing businesses who are committed to Conscious Capitalism® – holding the belief that business serves a higher purpose than just making money. We focus on serving people, and let profits follow.

Now, about those career questions...

Essentially this means...

  • We believe each person and organization has a powerful story to tell and the world is waiting to hear it.
  • We value the people around us and their passions
  • We serve people well.
  • We encourage each other to collaborate, find the best ideas, and push the limits of what’s possible.
  • We give clients the answers they need, not necessarily the ones they want to hear.

For me, Resound represents a budding flower that has tremendous beauty still balled up inside. The thing that drives me to be here is the opportunity to help it bloom and grow. If I can be part of that, the reward is so great on the other side. We have a chance to influence the industry in a different way, with a different approach to business. I love that.

Eric Myers, Director of Creative Services

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