2023 Remarkabrand Index For Accounting Firms

Introducing the most comprehensive analysis of accounting firm brands ever conducted. With insights from nearly 1,500 U.S. accounting firm brands across 40 data points, the Index is organized to help firms differentiate in the crowded accounting marketplace so they can build lasting relationships with clients.

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“I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Remarkabrand Index for Accounting Firms! What Resound captures in this Index is something the Accounting Industry has never been able to quantify before and now firms will finally have the data to reinforce the value of brand as a driver for revenue, recruiting, and retention. The Remarkabrand Index could be the catalyst our industry needs to take our brands to the next level.”

Caitlin Tiemeyer
Senior Marketing and Growth Specialist, Forge

What's in the Index?

Our research includes over 40 key data points, including firm size, positioning, naming convention, messaging, logo design, brand colors and fonts, digital brand presence, and even awards and reviews. Here's a little preview of what we found:

Firm Names



of top brands use initials or acronyms for their brand name

Logo Styles



of accounting firm brands use a word mark instead of a logo mark




of low-scoring accounting brands use a tagline on their website

In addition, the index helped us answer some other questions:

  • How do the most differentiated firms' brand names compare to the rest of the industry?
  • How do they utilize (or not utilize) founders names, acronyms, and legal designations?
  • How do firms' logos stack up? How do the most differentiated firms utilize colors, fonts, and logo styles to stand out?
  • How are firms messaging with taglines? What words are getting over-used and not helping firms differentiate?
  • How do top differentiated firms use social media? Are certain platforms favored over others?
  • Do awards and Google reviews even matter? How do the most differentiated firms stack up in these categories?

And so many more!

Ultimately, we want to highlight what trends we see amongst firms' brand identities that can help you position your firm's brand to really stand out and make an impact with clients.

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Why did we build it?

At its core, a strong brand identity is what sets a firm apart from its competitors and connects with its target audience on a deeper level. For accounting firms, a well-defined brand identity can be the difference between blending in with the crowd or standing out as a trusted, reliable partner for their clients.

Our index provides a comprehensive analysis of the accounting industry and offers insights on how to refine and strengthen individual accounting firm brands. By highlighting the unique qualities and values that make each accounting firm special (or areas where a lot of copycatting has happened), we seek to help firms develop a brand identity that resonates with their clients and sets them apart in a crowded market.

Accounting firms are remarkable because they're built by remarkable people. 

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