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The right people to help you unlock your remarkable brand.

The right people to get your brand to remarkable. Resound brings specialists in B2B. strategy & execution under one roof with the drive to get stuff done. Resound’s staff includes people with backgrounds in manufacturing, tech, software, commercial real estate, financial services and professional services.

Meet the Team

Meet Our Board of Directors

Mike Jones

CEO, Managing Partner

Sam Pagel

CCO, Managing Partner

David Cosand

Co-Founder, Partner

Dr. J.J. Watson

Co-Founder, Partner

One of our Resound-isms is to “Invest in where you live.” We encourage our team to develop passions and skills that serve to better our local culture. Some of us volunteer. Some of us teach. Some of us mentor. Others are speakers. People are complex (with so many talents and gifts that often go unexpressed in the business world). Being part of Resound means you can be yourself, not someone else.

This authenticity lends itself to business, too. Our founders have always made decisions based on the idea that business is relational first, not transactional.

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