Collateral Design

Collateral gives you a great impression, helps guide your conversation and leaves a piece of your brand with your contacts.

Criteria for Good Collateral

Collateral Design


Usefulness over time. Portability, ease-of-use and keepability matter with collateral. Is it easy to carry around or forward in an email? Do people want to hold onto least long enough to get to the next step with you? These thoughts go into every one of our collateral designs.

Brand Design


A continuing story. A business card can be the beginning of a story, where a sales sheet goes a little deeper. But whether you’re building a tradeshow booth or designing a marketing brochure, your collateral should effectively tell your brand’s story and make an impression on the minds of viewers every time.

Visual Design


The same sheet of music. Every piece of collateral should share elements that reinforce your brand. Just like your site should contain the same typeface, visual elements, photography and voice, all of those elements should make their way into your collateral and reinforce consistency in the minds of your prospects.

Our Collateral Design Capabilities

  • Business Cards & Letterhead
  • Brochures & Sales Sheets
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies & White Papers
  • Books
  • Tradeshow Booth
  • Banners & Large Format Graphics

Eye-Catching Print in the Digital Age

Collateral Design Done Right

In a world where everyone has their products online and printed catalogs seems to have died right around the time radio shack did (RIP), Frain flipped the script and provided their customers with a beautiful machinery catalog they could actually hold in their hands and keep on their coffee tables.

Mike Jones

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