Every brand should have a distinct (and non-negotiable) set of values. For example, Nike is all about victory. Disney is all about magic. Values reveal the compelling and remarkable “DNA” of a business – the reasons they do what they do. Values guide individual decisions that ultimately create a memorable customer experience. Your core values are what the world really needs underneath that fantastic logo.

This is the soul of our company – what we’re passionate about.

Authentic Identity

“The World Needs You as You Are”

We believe that each person and organization has a powerful story to tell, and the world is waiting to hear it. People shouldn’t slap on a new “look” and make others think they’re someone else. There’s a role in every community (and on every team) that only one person can fill. Only you can be you.


“Serve people well”

Business isn’t just about making money. It’s about forming real relationships with customers, fans, and employees — treating them with care, and requesting the same. Clients are real people; the fleshy things with thoughts and feelings. It’s about getting to know them. What do they like? What do they dislike? How can Resound provide exactly what they need? How can Resound help them do the same for their customers and staff? Resound puts people first, and profits follow.

Pure Creation

“Yes, And!”

We do not copy other people, or even past projects. A different problem requires a different solution, and last year’s brilliant approach may not work for this year. That’s why Resound values pure creation. We encourage each other to collaborate and to find the best ideas. That’s why we love improv concepts! Support your teammates and push the limits of possible.


“Say What You See”

Resound doesn’t beat around the bush. Relationships are too important to sugar-coat the truth. Clients will get the answers they need, not necessarily the ones they want to hear. Resound isn’t interested in parroting ideas and stroking egos. However, encouragement and respect play a role in every interaction, because valuing others means valuing their opinions and feelings.

Local Culture

“Invest in where you live”

We value the people around us and their passions — no matter where we are geographically. Smart companies invest in their community, and we believe that culture is important. From our own neighborhoods, to entire states and regions, we will always look for and grow the remarkable. Or, as the saying goes, “Bloom where you’re planted!”

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