Our Story

At its core, Resound was rooted in a love for drawing out compelling stories behind people and the brands they build. Long before our founders started Resound, they noticed that so many people seem to have talents and gifts that go unexpressed, especially in the business world. It was always a privilege for them to help others express themselves creatively and reveal these talents and share them with others. Very quickly, our founders became passionate about the collaborative creative process, and the original spirit of Resound began to manifest itself in short films, improvisation, music and design.


Helping remarkable people tell their story.

In 2009, our founders David, Mike, and Jeff pushed this concept further into the world of branding and marketing. Since then, we’ve always believed that business is relational first, not transactional. Brands make the greatest impact when they’re authentic and rooted. We want to tell your company’s story without missing its many dimensions: the human aspects, the creativity, the uniqueness. We know you have a unique voice, and we want to share your authentic voice with the world.

We believe that business is ultimately about serving people well. Leading means serving with humility, not dominating or controlling. Business means putting people first, and letting profits follow.
We believe that creativity comes through collaboration: saying 'yes, and' to ideas in order to come up with better ideas. Let ideas grow and expand. There's no 'wrong answer' when you're brainstorming!
We believe that everyone has a story which makes them unique. At the simplest level, good marketing gives an authentic and engaging narrative. Can we help you tell your story?



Resound’s home state of Arizona boasts so many different climates and landscapes – from saguaro cactus in the austere Sonoran desert to dense pine forests in snow-capped mountains. Arizona inspires us, much as our clients do, with its many dimensions. The state is big and open, with awesome, violent monsoon storms and unexpected beauty in the middle of nowhere. There’s a sense of freedom in the wilderness, unconstrained and unconfined. We believe in putting down roots and blooming where you’re planted. The 48th state is still a blank slate, and together we’re creating something new.


Creative solutions don’t come easily, so we rely on our team of fiercely creative individuals to produce remarkable results. We are constantly blown away by the many interests and talents that our team brings to the table, and we continue to grow – one “Resounder” at a time.

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