We help companies develop their own compelling story:

The human aspects, the creativity, the uniqueness. We know you have a distinct voice, and brands that make the greatest impact are authentic and rooted in an engaging narrative.

Our narrative started with a few friends sketching an idea on a napkin in 2003. The concept? An authentic, servant-minded creative co-op (we’ll spare you the nitty gritty details). It took six years from that moment for the idea to evolve into the Resound of today. Since our official founding in 2009, we’ve served organizations through branding and other creative services. We’ve helped organizations discover their remarkable stories and use them to form relationships with their customers. We’ve challenged our clients to leave their comfort zones, speak from their hearts, and serve people well. These are a few of our passions. They’re part of our story. And we love working with clients who share them.

Meet our people.

Mike Jones Headshot

Mike Jones


Sam Pagel Headshot

Sam Pagel

Chief Creative Officer

Moriah Sawtelle Headshot

Moriah Sawtelle

Web Designer and Front End Developer

Chris Stadler Headshot

Chris Stadler

Manager of Operations

Aaron Grosch Headshot

Aaron Grosch


Zach Johnson Headshot

Zach Johnson

Web Developer

Rachel Dueck Headshot

Rachel Dueck

Graphic Designer

Kristina Gorr Headshot

Kristina Gorr

Senior Copywriter

Mary Anne Selirio Headshot

Mary Anne Selirio

Junior Project Manager

Meet our advisory board.

David Cosand

Co-Founder, Partner

Mike Jones


Sam Pagel

Chief Creative Officer

Jeff Watson

Co-Founder, Partner

Get in our heads.

One of our Resound-isms is to “Invest in where you live.” We encourage our team to develop passions and skills that serve to better our local culture. Some of us volunteer. Some of us teach. Some of us mentor. Others are speakers. People are complex (with so many talents and gifts that often go unexpressed in the business world). Being part of Resound means being yourself, not someone else.

This authenticity lends itself to business, too. Our founders have always made decisions based on the idea that business is relational first, not transactional. And here’s another Resound-ism for you: Show. Don’t just tell.

If you give us a shot, we’ll do just that

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