Video and Photography

Video production and photography highlight your digital experience, bring emotion to your story, and tell your brand’s story in an ultra-effective way.

Why Video and Photography are Incredible Brand Tools



Emotion and humanity that show you in the best light. Video and photo translate humanity through the lens. Your clients can’t always see you. And when words just aren’t enough, video and photography give them a chance to see you at your best.



Speed of communication. Images, static or moving, give you a chance to establish your look, feel, and uniqueness quickly, in a way that a static website or a block of text, no matter how well-designed, just can’t match.

Videography and Photography


Low audience commitment. Viewers absorb brand truths more readily. Video uses sights and sounds, captures the eyes and ears of your audience, and requires less energy and commitment to fully understand your message.

Our Video and Photo Capabilities

  • Company profile videos
  • Project and Process Documentation
  • Internal Training and Messaging
  • Custom Animation
  • Architectural Photography
  • Interior Spaces
  • Aerial Video and Photography
  • Live Video Production
  • Team Headshots
  • Product Photography
  • Live Event Coverage
  • Script-writing and Storyboarding

We Produce Award-Winning Video Content

Marcom Gold Winner
Davey Awards

The Department: When your brand fuels your visuals

A video & photo case study

Once The Department established their brand foundation and identity, it was time to capture their unique spaces and offerings through the lens of a camera. 

Mike Jones

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