Branding Services

Our unique branding process and services give you the confidence you need in your marketing efforts.

Appeal to Your Ideal Customers

Build lasting relationships with your own clear and authentic brand.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Great B2B brands inspire customers to think bigger and expect something great. Can your brand inspire in the same way? Of course it can. Define your authentic brand identity with our proven branding process. From values, personality, naming, logo, to story, we’ve got you covered.

Brand collateral

Brand Experiences

Your brand isn’t simply an idea floating through time and space. Bring it to life with content, websites, video, photography, and creative assets. We can help you create compelling brand experiences that your customers are excited to come back to again and again.

Brand Strategy and Consulting

Brand Strategy Consulting

Connect who you are with what you do through our brand consulting and expert strategists. Help your team internalize your brand values and story. Integrate brand messaging into your sales pitches. Create a brand-centric culture that resonates from the inside out.

Brand Workshop

What it Looks Like

Everything we do starts with brand. Here is our typical workflow and our process for truly unlocking your remarkable brand.

01 Branding Identity Workshop

Our workshops help define the foundations of a brand by drawing out brand values, personality traits, and the brand pitch.

02 Brand Identity Definition

Everything we discover in the workshop is organized and presented in a professionally-designed document or hard cover book so your brand's definition is clear and easy to communicate with all of your stakeholders.

03 Validation (Research)

We survey the people who know your brand the best: your team members, customers, and sometimes even your competition. This gives us a clearer picture of your authentic brand.

04 Canonize your Brand Identity

We can help you establish your brand's visual and verbal presence, defining how your brand looks and how it speaks.

05 Implementation Plan

Once you have your brand identity foundation established, it's time to roll out an implementation plan - how you show the world who you really are.

06 Training and Execution

It's time to put your brand to work. We help you build your website, produce collateral and media, develop content strategy and campaigns, and train your team on the intricacies of your authentic brand.

Grant Botma

Serving Clients Well

"One of the most important and meaningful experiences in the history of my business was being rebranded by Resound. They didn’t try to make me something I wasn’t… rather, they got to know my business on an intimate level. They creatively crafted a brand that properly communicates the uniqueness of my business.”

Grant Botma, Owner, Stewardship Financial

Within 3 years, Stewardship experienced