People don’t buy what you do. They invest in why you do it.

We create brands that are rooted in identity – brands that tell authentic stories. Customers are looking for your organization, even if they don’t know it yet. Will they find what they’re looking for?

Your brand is so much more than your logo.

  • It’s your “why” – the reason you got started and keep going.
  • It’s a guidepost for tough decisions.
  • It’s the personality that sets you apart from your competition.
  • It’s the foundation for a thriving culture, both internally and externally.

Discovery Workshop

Let’s get together! Meet with our team of highly creative specialists. We’ll go over the issues you’re having with your marketing, as well as your goals and plans for the future. We’ll help you uncover your organization’s DNA and get a feel for your culture.

We’ll explore questions like:

  • What does your organization value?
  • Where do you see your organization five years from now?
  • Why do your employees come to work in the morning?
  • What’s one thing you would change about your website this year?
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We dig deeper. This usually looks like customer research (both surveys and interviews), as well as developing audience personas. We’ll identify industry trends and look into competitors. Does your organization stand out in the crowd? Are your marketing efforts attracting the right attention? What’s working, and what’s definitely not?

Now, it’s worth noting: we’re data-informed, not data-driven. We don’t bend with every data “breeze” that comes along, because that’s not always the right choice for your organization.

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Brand Definition

This is the tangible stuff – the stuff you can sink your teeth into. We’ll work your organization’s unique identity into all the pieces you’ll need to communicate your brand. These are compiled in a beautifully designed brand handbook (or Remarkabook, as we like to call it).

Obviously this looks a bit different for each brand, but it could include:


  • Values
  • Personality Traits
  • Brand Story
  • Archetype
  • Metaphor


  • Logo Design, Specifications, and Usage
  • Textures and Patterns
  • Color Palettes
  • Fonts and Typographic Style
  • Image Usage and Style


  • Naming
  • Tagline
  • Voice, Tone, and Mood Guidelines
  • Messaging
  • Content Strategy

Training Workshop

Hey, change can be tough, even when everyone is psyched up and on board for the project. We’ll do one last workshop with your team. We spend about 4 hours walking everyone through the new brand and how to use the guidelines in everyday work.


Brand Development

We helped Henry+Horne redefine their position in the Arizona accounting industry and develop a website with clients in mind.

Read the case study
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