Brand Development

Great brands inspire. They make you expect something great. And your brand can inspire in the same way.

People don’t buy what you do.

They invest in why you do it.

We help brands grow their roots in their identity so they can tell their authentic story. Customers are looking for your organization, even if they don’t know it yet. Will they find what they’re looking for?

Your brand is more than your logo.

  • It’s your “why” – the reason you got started and keep going.
  • It’s a guidepost for tough decisions.
  • It’s the personality that sets you apart from your competition.
  • It’s the foundation for a thriving culture, both internally and externally.

"Really impressed with Resound's work. We were extremely happy with the brand workshop. Overall product delivery was laid out very well and we recommend Resound to anyone looking to make a brand overhaul.”

Kevin Barry, President of Integrity Homes

Our Process

What does our proven brand development process look like?

01 Complete the Brand Strategy Workshop

Our workshop, the result of more than 15 years of practice, uncovers values, personality traits, and your brand story with your team. Along the way, we unearth latent inconsistencies and find resolution, as we take aim at an actionable brand definition.


  • One- and Two-Day Brand Strategy Workshops with Leadership Teams
  • SWOT & Product Value Workshops
  • Audience Mapping Workshops

02 Research & Validate our Findings

We validate findings, deepen the insights, stress-testing it, so it’s ready for prime time. We make sure it matches up with your realities, so you’re able to make true promises that interact well with the market.


  • Customer Surveys
  • Customer Interviews
  • Employee Surveys
  • Employee Interviews
  • Competitor Research
  • Market Research

03 Define Your Brand

Remarkable brands are built on a firm foundation. We work with you to craft your unique and real set of brand values, personality traits, and brand story that you can build your brand on for years and years to come.


  • Personality Traits
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Story

04 Establish Your Brand's Identity

Your brand can’t really work for you until is has a true identity. We have a proven process to develop your brand name, logo, and a robust visual and verbal definition, all clearly and creatively outlined in your very own brand handbook. If you’re just looking to tweak your existing brand identity assets, we’ve got you covered too.


  • Naming
  • Tagline
  • Logo
  • Visual Guidelines
  • Verbal Guidelines
  • Brand Handbooks & Guides

05 Create Your Rollout Plan

Even though we deliver a clear, usable set of guides, a rollout plan and personalized training helps your company embody the brand more quickly and gain traction with customers. We deliver brand training on everything we create, so you can put your remarkable brand to work with clarity conviction.


  • Brand Rollout Planning & Support
  • Brand Launch Events
  • Brand Training Seminars, Workshops, and Webinars
  • Brand Coaching

Brand Development Initiative for Henry and Horne

A brand development case study

We executed a three-step brand development initiative for Henry and Horne that ended in an award-winning rebrand and website project, propelling them to move up the charts in their industry.

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