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A co-op founded on doing good, hard work gets a brand and accompanying visuals that tell their story of excellence.

"After celebrating 60 years in business and committing to new innovation and sustainability goals, we thought that a refreshed brand would keep our business current and start to elevate our culture. We knew that you can’t just slap a new logo on your business and call it a day, which is why we chose Resound. As a trusted branding agency, we knew they could make our vision come to life. With our newly defined values and brand story, our employees have a common theme to rally around as we move into the future."

Roxy Helman

Senior Communications Manager, UDA

Giving Excellence a Whole New Look

If you’re a sixty year old co-op with a rich history, intimate ties to the local community, and milk and dairy products that exceed high standards… coming across as modest might be a good thing.

But for United Dairymen of Arizona, it was a problem.

With a bland website, and a look, logo, and visual presence that hadn’t been updated in quite a long time, UDA’s histories, quality, and overall excellence weren’t on display. At least, not to their full potential.

Like Cinderella in the classic story, UDA and its farmers were exceptional, trustworthy, hard at work—but with nothing to wear to a Royal Gala.  

After several years of working alongside Roxy, their marketing coordinator, through the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, she reached out to us about a potential rebrand for the organization. Needless to say, our team jumped at the chance to head over, meet some talented, experienced team members and farmers, and get to work guiding a local, trusted co-op through a full rebrand process.

And again like Cinderella, the shoe turned out to be a perfect fit.


Recognition within the Industry

An Award-Winning Rebrand and Video

If you're part of the dairy world, you already know UDA is a leader in the industry. But it sure doesn't hurt to get a little extra recognition from your peers when going through a enterprise-level rebrand that changes the face of such a beloved co-op. We are honored to have helped UDA get to the podium to win awards for their rebrand and their brand video.

Building on a Solid Foundation

Starting with a brand development workshop, the Resound team began a one year journey of developing UDA’s look, logo, and website into a visual testament to the co-op’s core values—local tradition and excellence in everything they do.

More than anything else, the workshop showed us how much groundwork UDA had already laid. From the very start, we saw that we were working with a trusted, reliable brand with ties to its community. It was evident that UDA valued its three hundred employees, went out of its way to support a membership of sixty-one farms, and had a considerable reputation for supplying exemplary milk, cream, cheese, and dairy products to Arizona grocery stores.

We also learned that, despite being small for an agricultural co-op, UDA had been raising the bar on food safety, quality, and sustainability—in an industry full of sky-high standards and regulations. As a result of UDA’s efforts, expertise, and reputation, a number of dairy and agricultural businesses have set up shop in Tempe over the years.

Clearly, UDA had (and still has) a ton to be proud of.

Tasked with helping them develop their image with a full UDA rebrand, the Resound team was in for an incredible treat.

UDA's rebrand is recognized and featured on rebrand.com

Older Logo

Old Logo

New Logo

uda rebrand

Helping a Potent Brand Show Itself

From the brand development workshop, the Resound team learned about UDA’s remarkable tradition, and distilled excellence as the overarching value. Working in how much they support their farmers, the dairy community, and those in greater Phoenix valley, we arrived at United in Excellence—a solid masthead for a potent brand.

From there, the first big step was finding a design that captured the potency of the brand, and then applying that look, design and expression through all of the co-op’s medium and communication.

To kick things off, we crafted a brand new logo—the letters U,D,A colored in the dark red, blue, and weld-yellow of the Arizona flag, and a milk droplet in the center. After hearing that they loved it, our team went further, creating a visual brand Bible for UDA’s new fonts, backgrounds, styles and color palettes.

A New, Confident (Award-Winning) Look

The next step in fleshing out UDA’s core values was revamping their old website, and applying the style, palette, and classy, confident look to pages about their roots and history, their products, animal care, agricultural services, and even sustainability. Our end result was a revamped website with a sleek look, professional photos, award-winning video production, information, and fresh content about UDA’s history and all things dairy.

But if the logo and website were the kickoff, then the videos Sam Pagel, our Creative Director, shot and produced were the touchdown… or as Roxie and the UDA put it, their own Super Bowl Commercial. The Marcom Awards agreed and awarded the video below a 2021 Gold Marcom Award.

In a two-part video series blending footage of cows, dairy farms, and the iconic silver-bullet milk trucks with shots of owners, farmers, and the people who work at UDA’s state of the art processing facility, Sam created a start-to-finish glimpse at how an exemplary organization delivers milk and dairy from farms to the table.

With so much fascinating stuff to capture, record, and photograph—and all of it a short drive away—Sam and the team had a blast gathering the detail, color, and live action to make UDA look as remarkable as it is.

Brand Collateral

A new wall mural with updated brand visuals and messaging. 

A Tempe Connection that's Still Going

Our client’s usually aren’t right down the street from us.

United Dairymen of Arizona is an exception that still surprises us… every time we see one of their trucks driving along the street outside our office.

With their history, tradition, and the pride they take in their work, UDA, just like Resound, is Tempe to the core. We’re fortunate to be working with an organization that’s a potent brand, as well as a household name.

UDA’s tradition of excellence and community gave us the opportunity to apply our award-winning brand strategy that brought visual content, design, and elaboration to what they were already doing well.

And with Resound’s work helping UDA show themselves to the world, we’re confident that they’ll grow, thrive… and keep the milk and dairy coming.

Just like they have for sixty years.

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