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About Aaron Grosch

Wildly spontaneous, incredibly loud, and heavily extraverted are all terribly overused descriptions which don’t accurately describe Aaron in the slightest. He picked up the pen at the age of fifteen in an attempt to form a band and get a couple of dates. It worked. Kind of. So he never sat it down. Eventually, he realized that writing could really compel, connect, challenge, and even change people. He became obsessed with good writing and storytelling.

He believes quality content honors the people consuming it by meeting them exactly where they are and speaking directly to them. Good content leaves the consumer feeling deeply understood. Great content leaves them with a deep sense of longing. Aaron tirelessly pursues this sense and seeks to share it with others as often as he can. Though he often settles for making people laugh. That works too.

A life-long gamer, Aaron secretly hopes to one day become Tim Schafer and he would love to buy you a coffee and talk sometime if you know who that is. Aaron somehow tricked his wife into marrying him and he still considers that to be his greatest accomplishment in life five years and one child later.