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Many of us have been in your shoes

The world is right there at your fingertips...just a few more credits to earn before the business world opens itself up to you. Now it’s time for a taste of what’s waiting for you out there. We can help you with that (and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to earn those last few credits, too).

Resound is looking to add an intern to its ranks. But this is no typical internship. What we need is people who are great creative writers, excel at graphic design, love administrative stuff!, and are wired for web development. The chances of someone having all of those skills? Pretty small. That’s okay. If you’re a rockstar in any one (or two) of those areas, we’d love to hear from you. Submit the brief form below and we’ll be intouch.

You can expect to hear from us within a few days. Even if you aren’t selected, we’ll give you some feedback to help you as you pursue other opportunities. Thanks in advance for taking the time to connect with us!

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