Content Strategy

How to Do Inbound Without Being a D-bag

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 5 years, you’ve watched the shift in marketing toward “inbound.” You’ve probably been around for the soapbox preachers screaming, “CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT!” Maybe you’ve subscribed to the Hubspot (aka inbound King) newsletter. To me, it’s starting to feel like a frenzy. 45% of marketers say Read More


Do You Really Need Competitive Analysis?

“We don’t worry about the competition. We just worry about being the best we can be.” Honestly, that sounds really awesome. It’s also, honestly, the worst advice I’ve heard in awhile. Customers are constantly bombarded with offers and better offers in a desperate flurry to “win the sale”. And let’s not pretend that humans aren’t Read More

Content Strategy

The Right Words for Your Website

*scroll* “The 2017 bob-length haircut… Six ways to make a mason jar salad….23 Words or Phrases to Eliminate from Your Marketing Today… Wait, words to eliminate? I’ll bet I use more than half of these…unless it’s all buzzwords. I’d better make sure.” *click* Well, one thing’s for sure…Pinterest knows me too well. Also, Global English Read More

Content Strategy

Why Awesome Sales Copy Isn’t Enough

Sales copy. There’s a lot of tips, tricks, strategies, pointers, methods, angles, and tactics out there on how to make a sale. But guess what, it’s really easy to slip from serving your customers down the dark, slimy, creepy-crawly path of manipulation. At Resound, we believe that marketing is really about making connections between remarkable Read More


Does Your Brand Have Soul?

People don’t become brand fans because of what they see businesses do. They invest in why business do what they do. You might be thinking, “But wait, people will buy from “why-less” brands all the time!” (like Walmart, for instance) My response is this: You’re right, but no one is in love with them either. Read More

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Tools & Resources

3 Tips For Working From Home

Let’s face it, there’s really no 9–5 anymore. It’s easy to work from home at 2am, at least for my projects. Companies are heading further towards remote workstations and away from inflexible work hours. Most of us are checking and responding to emails, writing presentations, or filling out paperwork way outside of normal working hours. Every Read More


Good, Bad, or Ugly: Super Bowl Ads 2015

After the nail-biter Super Bowl game on Sunday, we walked away feeling uplifted, humored, and sometimes mortified by the ads presented.  Most companies aren’t afraid to abandon everything their brand stands for to make the best, funniest, or most extreme commercial. But is this really worth it? We don’t think so. Companies paid over 4.5 Read More

Inside Resound

Friday Recap: Standing Desks

You’re looking at Resound’s new toy.  Well, it’s really Garrett’s new toy, but it’s in our office and we get to push the button.  That’s right, Garrett bought himself a mechanical desk – one that allows him to stand or sit on a whim.  This desk is the first of its kind at Resound, and Read More


Resound Turns 6

Well, this precocious business just turned a year older.  Last Wednesday marked the 6th anniversary of Resound Creative’s paperwork initiation, though it had been a gleam in the eye of its founders for years beforehand.  We’ve been reminiscing lately, so we compiled a little glimpse into the history of “remarkability.” September 2003 – Resound is Read More


Celebrations and Business

Happy Holidays from Resound!  We hope your celebrations are joyful and delicious. It’s interesting how different companies approach the holidays.  Some have decked the entire office with holly (fa la la la la), put Christmas candy in little dishes, hung all the Christmas cards in front of the reception desk, and planned festive holiday blowout. Read More

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