Market Research at a Global Level

Have you slowed down to smell the roses (or the evergreen…since it’s December)?

Yeah, it’s not always easy to do. We all have never-ending checklists to battle and fleeting thoughts to catch up with. But today, we at Resound are taking a moment to just enjoy the outcome of our hard work.

Not too long ago, we were super thrilled to receive recognition as a top web design firm in Phoenix. But now, we get to announce an even more prestigious and chocolate-cake-worthy achievement. Resound…(drum roll please) was awarded a spot as a Clutch Global Leader for Top Market Research Firms.

Now, that’s awesome. It took just a tad of effort to get here – largely because we care. Our clients’ (and our team’s) success, authenticity, and happiness matter. This award is just a symbol of all those things connecting to create one massive, remarkable experience for everyone involved.

Clutch, a ratings & reviews site, took a look at our stance in the industry, the services we focus on, and (get this) talked to our clients for 1-on-1 interviews about their experience working with us and published the results for the world to see.

Now we’re here, and there’s confetti flying all over the place.

So here’s a huge shout to our team and our clients. This is thanks to them working together to get stuff done…with a bang. Shout out to Clutch as well – they took the time to connect with our clients and they’ve heard the nitty gritty details of our work. And if you’re interested: here’s a peek at some of the comments our clients gave:

“My confidence in them has increased as their company has grown. They understand our marketing needs and can ‘run with the ball’.” – Event Project Manager, Software Company

“The creative way that they solved our complex problems was impressive. They always looked for a creative solution and worked with us to come up with something.” – Jennifer Burwell, MAC6

They’re so awesome.

Not too shabby, huh? Thanks for the encouragement everyone, and for giving us roses to smell in the first place.