Let’s play Mad Libs! Exhibiting at trade shows is __(adjective)___. Whatever word popped into your head was likely rooted in an emotion.

Maybe it was positive, maybe it was negative. Either way, you probably have a strong opinion when it comes to exhibiting at trade shows.

If you’ve had great success on the trade show floor, you probably attribute it to your awesome booth design, creative giveaways, and killer product. If you loathe the trade show circuit, you probably hate the logistics involved in getting that amazing booth up and running, or maybe you just don’t believe the ROI is there (but you feel compelled to keep showing up).

Believe me, I can personally relate to both reactions. It’s not easy to put a great trade show experience . . .

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Oh boy have things gotten heated in the world of advertising and marketing!

Political ads and radical brands are certainly on the rise in our new American political order, as FastCo recently discussed. It is becoming quite ‘en vogue’ to use politics as yet another tool in the marketing tool belt.

I’ve certainly seen this confirmed in recent events, not least being the various politically-tinged ads during the last Super Bowl. And of course there’s the politically-fueled feud that erupted between Uber and Lyft the weekend of Trump’s immigration policy announcement a few weeks ago. This was a particularly interesting episode in the saga of brands dealing with politics that directly affect their staff and customers. (If you haven’t heard much about this . . .

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So much goes into marketing—even more than most people realize. This is especially true when it comes to advertisements. You have to understand perception, the way people will view your ad, and know the different techniques to draw your viewer’s eyes to where you want them to go.

Filmmaking is a unique skill set that can be easily overlooked.

I’m sure you’ve heard about all the different commercials in the super bowl this year (if not, go here for our roundup). Some of them were really good! But instead of rating them in terms of “funny” or “morbidly depressing”, what if we dig a bit deeper?

What if we take a filmmaker’s perspective on these commercials?

Resound will call on our resident film expert, Garrett H. McConchie, to give us a filmmaker’s view.

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After the nail-biter Super Bowl game on Sunday, we walked away feeling uplifted, humored, and sometimes mortified by the ads presented.  Most companies aren’t afraid to abandon everything their brand stands for to make the best, funniest, or most extreme commercial. But is this really worth it? We don’t think so. Companies paid over 4.5 million dollars to get their names in front of an entire nation.  Planning a commercial that will be memorable, stay true to your brand, and ultimately boost your sales is not easy.  Because, let’s remember, popularity doesn’t necessarily translate into profits.  

Let’s take a look at the creativity (or non-creativity) that graced the nation Sunday night.

Everyone Loves Puppies

TRENDING:  Heart-warming tales (or tails) of loyalty, honor, . . .

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If you have been following us on social media—which you should be—you’ll know that we do a lot of research on things we find interesting. It can be anything really; advertising, graphic design, or even something completely random that happens to inspires us. Here is a list of some things we’ve found on the web over the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

1. Citizen Watches

Have you ever wondered how to advertise a wrist watch? We believe that Citizen watches has absolutely nailed it this time. Merely tell a story about telling time. Watch the video above to see them chase a sunset across the world and steal a night from the universe.

2. Neil Patrick Heineken

If you’ve ever needed a lesson in . . .

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