A Website to Make Your Real Estate Brand Stand Out

At Resound, we try not to let our client blend in. At least, not in an area where they should be standing out. That’s because brands that have something special tend to make stronger connections with those people who will stay with them through thick and thin. In other words:

“Brands that stand for something create their own kind of monopoly in their market.”

Functional, Usable Communication

Websites bring together images, designs and ideas that are meant to quickly show the viewer the most important truth of a brand. Kelly needed a logo and website, but she needed more than that to make it all come together.

  1. Style Guide: She needed a style guide, so she could extend her brand’s look and feel to the market.
  2. Logo: She needed a logo with a modern look.
  3. Copy: Copy needed to express her experience (explicitly), while revealing her values of practicality and hard work. Her experience gets activated by her practicality and hard work every day.
  4. Web Design: The site had to embody the style (as expressed in the style guide) and turn her ideas into functional, usable pieces of information that wasn’t too much and wasn’t too little to inspire the right client to get in touch.

So when we built the website for Kelly Clauss, a local real estate agent, the idea was to bring out her practical style and attitude.

What Do YOU Think?

You can find Kelly’s website here. Give it a look and let us know if it’s something you’d like to see for your business.