3 Ways to Fail at the Branding Process

Branding, just like leadership, is about making the right people like and trust you. And whether that’s an initial brand development or a rebrand, it has the power to breathe new life into your company: Staff will be clearer on your purpose, vision, and values. Potential customers will resonate with your personality and communications. Sales Read More


A Great Brand Drives Up Margins

How much would you benefit if employees and customers liked and trusted your brand? If your profit went up, if it was easy to do business, if your employees were happier; how remarkable would that be? Achieving likability and trust as a brand ain’t easy. First, you have to know who you are – I Read More


Why Every Entrepreneur Should Start With Brand

Ask a roomful of early-stage entrepreneurs if brand matters and you’ll probably get: “My product (or service) matters more than my brand.” “I don’t have time for that stuff.” “Selling is what matters right now.” Some of the more enlightened entrepreneurs might even say: “Yeah, it matters, but I’m just not there yet.” Fair enough. Read More

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Attributes of Remarkable Brands | Empowering

We’ve covered a lot of ground in the past few weeks. The topic? What makes a remarkable brand. So far, we’ve established three traits that are integral to any remarkable brand: Purposeful, authentic, and responsive. Here comes 4/5. I’m sure we can all think of some pretty non-remarkable brands. As a consumer, what’s one of Read More


Attributes of Remarkable Brands | Authentic

So, remarkable… That’s a huge concept – one that my partners and I have been continually defining since we started Resound in 2009. When it comes to brands at least, I’ve noticed that five traits are typically present in brands that I (and the rest of the world), call remarkable. They are: Purposeful, authentic, responsive, empowering, Read More


Attributes of Remarkable Brands | Purposeful

I talk a lot around here about remarkable brands. I also realize that’s fairly vague. As I’ve worked with hundreds of brands and studied hundreds more, I’ve become very aware of a handful of traits (literally…a handful…five) that the most remarkable brands share. Purposeful | Authentic | Responsive | Empowering | Transparent These are the backbone Read More


Do You Really Need Competitive Analysis?

“We don’t worry about the competition. We just worry about being the best we can be.” Honestly, that sounds really awesome. It’s also, honestly, the worst advice I’ve heard in awhile. Customers are constantly bombarded with offers and better offers in a desperate flurry to “win the sale”. And let’s not pretend that humans aren’t Read More

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