Why Branding Matters

When it comes to developing a brand, many companies will settle for a logo and name that seems unique. They believe that if their logo and name are clever enough, they will stand out in the marketplace. And they might. But it’s a mistake to brand on anything other than your substance. Your authentic brand Read More


For Brands, Love is the Bottom Line

Seems like everyone these days is a copycat. Brands who used to mean something are now trying to predict where culture is going so they can run to the front and pretend they were always leading the parade. Understanding and practicing love is the difference between brands that use people and brands that really serve Read More

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Get Practical about Values

Listing a set of values is pretty easy. But if you don’t allow yourself and your staff the time and energy to build your values into a culture, the values will never have the power to build your brand. Let’s talk about values and how to get past those roadblocks so your brand can benefit Read More

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