Imagine your best friend. Think about some of their qualities and what attracts you to that person. It wouldn’t really be a shot in the dark to assume that you and that person share some of those same qualities. It’s what forms the friendship; it’s the glue that holds you together. Now imagine someone that doesn’t have any personality at all. How boring is that? The first thought that comes to my mind would be a robot. And I’m not talking about the cool, funny robots like JARVIS from Ironman or TARS from Interstellar. I’m talking about the boring robots that you mimic every time you impersonate a robot. I wouldn’t want to hang around that at all!

So why would . . .

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Twas a month before Christmas
And in Resound land
Design work was daunting
With deadlines at hand

There was too much work here
To finish on time
“We need a new intern”
Mike made up his mind

Job postings were written
And posted with care
In hopes that our intern
soon would be there

When behold from the darkness
Arose a bright soul
Saying “I’ll do design work.
I promise. No bull.”

Never did we imagine
A person this fun
Would brighten our office
And get the job done
Introducing our design intern: Chelsea DuBois, the world traveler!  Having grown up in a military family, she’s lived in five different states, as well as Singapore, and has traveled to Europe, Australia, and other parts of Asia.  Last year, Chelsea graduated with a degree in . . .

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Happy Holidays from Resound!  We hope your celebrations are joyful and delicious.

It’s interesting how different companies approach the holidays.  Some have decked the entire office with holly (fa la la la la), put Christmas candy in little dishes, hung all the Christmas cards in front of the reception desk, and planned festive holiday blowout.

Unfortunately, Christmas is also within two weeks of the new year.  With all those 2015 roll outs, EOY Financials, and project wraps, you might be tempted to just skip any semblance of holiday cheer.  But here are some reasons why you shouldn’t Scrooge this year.

Building Trust

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The family that plays together stays together?” This goes for offices too, and it goes way . . .

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Happy New Year from Resound!  

What was your most memorable moment in 2014?

We know what ours was …

Phoenix Design Week.


We’re always amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of our Phoenix creative community. The sessions were often entertaining and always informative.

Mike (creative director) enjoyed Bobby Martin & Jennifer Kinow’s “Logo is the most important thing. No, the system is the most important thing” session.  “Being a brand designer, the tension between the logo and the system in brand identity design really hit home with me.”  Another of Mike’s favorites was Jared Spool’s talk on the anatomy of design. “It was incredibly insightful. His breakdown of different styles of design methodology was super . . .

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Have you ever seen a movie and just thought, “Man, I wish I could’ve been in the room when they came up with this stuff!”  The creative process is so much fun to watch (and participate in).  Today, we thought we’d give you a “look behind our creative curtain.”

It all started with three staff members and a conference room…. Also, a more-than-ample supply of sticky notes.

Now, we had already met with our client, discovered their brand values and personality traits, and heard their design preferences.  Our next step was to develop a brand metaphor that would help us create the visual and verbal guidelines for their brand.

Metaphorically Speaking

We put their brand values and personality traits on sticky notes at the . . .

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