WikiWand: Our Newest Favoritist Way to Read Wikipedia

Confession: we’re big Wikipedia readers. Like the kind that can spend hours clicking through from one related article to another and totally forget how long we’ve been staring at our computer / iPhone.

While we love the content and ability to wander through the endless knowledge on Wikipedia, the reading experience is less than ideal. Have you ever tried to read an article on a really wide screen? The lines of text will stretch on for miles without breaking. What a strain! And fonts, line-heights, and letterspacing could all be fine tuned to make reading more enjoyable and efficient.

But we totally understand Wikipedia’s predicament: they’ve grown so large that a redesign is a massive undertaking. And they’re a humble non-profit, reliant on public goodwill to keep the ship afloat. An epic Wikipedia redesign might break the bank for them.

The Wikipedia community gets this too. And a few have taken on a project that we love: WikiWand. It’s a simple browser plugin that restyles any Wikipedia article and makes it an awesome experience.

We love it. And we think you might too.

Here’s a screenshot of a “WikiWanded” Wikipedia article to whet your appetite.

and we love WikiWand’s values in their redesign of Wikipedia:

Oh, and it makes everything faster too! Woo!

Have you used WikiWand? What’s your thoughts?