Protip: A Simple Test of Relevance

You are most relevant when you’re in your audience’s story. So how do you know which kind of story you’re telling? In other words, is it about me, my customer, or about something we all believe is bigger?

The simple test is in how it fits into a sentence.


  • “Our product has x.”
  • Example: “Our university gives you a great education.”


  • “Our x will help you y.”
  • Example: “The education you’ll get will make you wiser.”


  • “Our x helps you y, which makes you become z.”
  • Example: “The wisdom you’ll own will help you serve those around you, making you a better man or woman.”

To sum it up, an attribute is about you, a benefit is what they’ll get from that relationship with you, and the values are how it works together to make them more of who they want to be. For more on this, check out the full article.