Conference Call Bingo (downloadable sheets)

Conference Call Bingo Screenshot

Download the PDF here and share with your friends: Conference Call Bingo

So it’s you’re working from home. How hard can it be? You got this.

  • Your kids are watching Frozen 2 (for the twelfth time today, but you don’t care, because those lovely savages are at least quiet).
  • You’re looking totes profesh (at least from the chest on up, because who cares when you’re doing all your meetings online).
  • You got your coffee, and you figured out how to use the mute button, just in case.

Things are going fine halfway through the meeting until one event triggers a chain reaction.

It starts innocently enough.

  • One of your kids is bugging you for something, despite the grand promises you made about Pokemon cards and a bounce house at their next birthday if they don’t bug you. They just need this thing “really quick.”
  • So you mute the conversation and move your head out of the camera to threaten house arrest until he’s 18. Problem is, you forgot you were already muted and instead toggled off the mute. Oops!
  • You step away, thinking the call can go on without you for 30 seconds but forgot that, from the waist down, you’re still in jammies, treating the others on the call to an eye full of your bacon-with-wings-themed pajama pants on your way out of the chair. Oh no!

But you’re oblivious. You don’t realize any of this until you get back, put in your earbuds with your professional smile, go to unmute and find out the truth. You were already unmuted. They’ve heard it all! Not only that, but you see an instant message from a coworker complimenting you on your night-knickers.

The full weight of your embarrassment crashes down. The illusion is shattered. All your plans are undone. Your career finished.

Or so it would seem.

You’re Not Alone

The truth is, that kind of thing happens to everyone. So much so that in companies where WFH (work-from-home) or remote work is pretty normal (like Resound), even joke about these kinds of things. It’s cool. We all get it.

In fact, not only are those things okay. They can be fun.

Introducing Conference Call Bingo

This revolutionary new game makes conference calls fun. Worried that your kid’s gonna start screaming or your dog’s gonna start barking? There’s a square for that. Did some anonymous person just join the call? All you have to do is say “Hi, who just joined?” and it’s another square.

  • Diagonal, a full row or a full column means you’re a winner.
  • On a long call? Go for “blackout”
  • Distribute to your colleagues before the call and play with friends!

It’s fun for the whole team. And best of all, it’s free!

Download the PDF here: Conference Call Bingo

Gone are the days when you’re the only one displaying tacky behavior. This is conference calling, where it’s impossible to take yourself too seriously and every faux pas is a square. So share with a few trusted colleagues, print out those sheets, jump on that call and let the fun begin!