Meet Our New Web Designer: Moriah

Moriah wandered her way down to Arizona from Connecticut two years ago to study design and development at Arizona State University. She tried to escape a few times, but the pavement melted her shoes and she ended up stuck here. It’s ok though, because Resound is kind of a perfect fit for her, and we keep the AC cranking so she feels at home.

Moriah originally went to school for Kinesiology so she could help people live healthier lives. She worked as a trainer and fitness program creator at the time, but she soon realized she was hungry to study something that would take her even further. So she did what any college student would do: she took a year off to save some cash and ended up making a blog to raise money for charity by completing a bunch of things on her bucket list….naturally.

It was during this soul searching time that she realized how much she enjoyed design. For Moriah, it was a powerful way to share resonating messages and world-changing ideas. She decided to make a career out of it.

So, how did Moriah realize that Resound was her dream agency?

“I found Resound when I first started applying for agency jobs at the beginning of my final semester at ASU. I immediately identified with the idea of helping meaningful companies share their stories. That’s why I love design, and it was really special to see an agency that completely embodied the same principle. Much to my dismay, Resound wasn’t hiring at the time, and I added them to my list of agencies to keep an eye on. Luckily, they had a spot for a Designer/ Front-End Developer open up right after I graduated! The timing was perfect.”

Moriah is especially passionate about User Experience Design and creating digital experiences that don’t exclude or frustrate any users. It’s her way of practicing empathy through design. Don’t ask her about it unless you have a long time to listen to her rant, though. Instead, we asked her a few more important questions:

Resound: What is your favorite toy from your childhood?
Moriah: When I was 8, there was a cardboard box from IKEA that my best friend and I turned into office cubicles for our pretend company. It stayed up in my parent’s basement for a couple years because we loved playing CEO in it so much.

Resound: How do you take your coffee?
Moriah: The only way: In bulk. Im talking Costco-sized consumption.

Resound: What’s one brand you can’t live without?
Moriah: All of the brands that make lint-rollers, because my dog leaves a hair storm in his wake.

Resound: What’s the best class you took in college and why?
Moriah: Responsive design! GIT 414 at ASU. Coding for mobile is absolutely the present and the future.

10 Potential Names for your Autobiography:

  • Meanwhile, in Costco…
  • Perpetually Packing Suitcases
  • Started in a Cardboard Cubicle, Now We Here
  • Off-off-off Broadway
  • “Are You Going to Eat That?”
  • Between the Brackets
  • Once More, With White Space
  • Early for Dinner: A Memoir
  • Head In The (Creative) Cloud
  • Sweatpants Casual