Meet Our Animal Lover: Alex

by Mar 3, 2016Inside Resound

Meet Our Animal Lover: Alex

by | Mar 3, 2016

Photo Credit: Ash Ponders

Photo Credit: Ash Ponders

We’re really excited to welcome a new designer to the Resound team!

And, let’s be honest, we were all anxiously waiting for another awesome “Meet Our Teammate” blog post.

Alex is coming to us from a background in both freelance design and design/marketing for Cartel Coffee Lab (We, too, are Cartel fans). He got his Associates degree in Visual Communication/Graphic Design at Scottsdale Community College, and jumped right into freelance projects.

He told us, “One thing I loved about doing freelance design work exclusively was the wide array of clients and industries I was able to work with. I was drawn to Resound for the opportunity to get back into working with the wide array of clients.”

Well that, and also because, “Everyone seemed like genuine, awesome, and creative people with values that aligned with mine. I loved the idea of being able to work and collaborate with these people.”

Awwww, stop it!

So when Alex isn’t working with a wide variety of clients, he’s hanging out with a wide variety of animals.

Growing up, there was never a time when Alex’s family had less than four cats in the house. In fact, he can remember growing up in Bozeman, Montana where his family owned a ranch that housed up to twenty cats and twenty dogs at one time (as well as goats and llamas)! That’s a lot of Swiffer pads.

Right now, though, this self-proclaimed cat guy only has one feline friend (a tabby named Timmy…a Timmy tabby). He’s also an obsessive coffee drinker, and he’ll be happy to know what Cartel Coffee Lab is almost within walking distance of our new office. Of course, while Alex does love local coffee shops, he also enjoys a nice homemade pour-over or the perfect espresso shot.

Mmm, coffee. Bet that sounds pretty good right about now, eh? Well, grab a cup of your favorite brew and get to know Alex!

Resound: Pie or cake? Why?

Alex: Neither! I stick to a gluten-free diet and would be terribly sick if I tried to eat either. If I had to decide, I’d say pie. But it’d have to be a bite-sized pecan pie. You don’t feel as guilty after eating them and they just taste amazing.

Resound: If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does a banana do?

Alex: Keeps the doctor away for even longer. Bananas are just better than apples. Plain and simple.

Resound: What’s the worst color for an accent wall?

Alex: I’d have to go full on dark here and say black. Nothing worse than looking at a wall and feeling like you’re staring into a black hole. I’m also partial to bright colors when it comes to wall paint, so…

Resound: What was your favorite song of 2015?

Alex: Polarize by Twenty One Pilots. They’re the only band I’ve found where I like every single one of their songs. But Polarize stands out to me as one of the best ones. It gets me going in the morning.


Resound: You can pick two fictional characters for a battle to the death. Who are they?

Alex: Michael Scott (from The Office) and Bill Lumbergh (from Office Space).


Resound: Are you most afraid of a) Heights, b) Snakes, or c) Reality TV stars?

Alex: Definitely heights. Snakes mostly stay out of my way and I’m pretty disconnected from the whole Reality TV scene.

Resound: A rich philanthropist has decided to back your endeavors for 5 years. What do you pursue?

Alex: I’d love to find a way to bring speciality coffee to less fortunate communities. Having a cup of speciality coffee in the morning brings me joy and appreciation on a daily basis and I’d love to share that joy with others.
It’s not the most ambitious philanthropic project, but sometimes it’s good to focus on the little things in life.

Resound: It’s improv time! Name 10 things you’d never want in your smoothie:


  1. Ice cream or frozen yogurt. Stop trying to pass this off as a smoothie. It’s a shake.
  2. Pineapple.
  3. Ice chunks.
  4. Exotic protein powders that taste like dirt.
  5. Fork prongs. (Based on experience)
  6. Artificial fruit juice.
  7. Durian.
  8. Added sugar.
  9. Whipped cream.
  10. Anything that has been blended on “Will It Blend”.

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