Resonate With Your Audience

by Apr 29, 2015Marketing, Resoundcast

Resonate With Your Audience

by | Apr 29, 2015

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

What does it mean to resonate? Well, The Physics Classroom offers the following definition:

Resonance when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion…Resonance only occurs when the first object is vibrating at the natural frequency of the second object.”

Well good for science.  Now, what does this mean for you?  You want to resonate with your audience through your marketing efforts.

Your frequency will make a deeper impact in certain people, and not necessarily in others.  There’s a tone that will make a certain group of people respond – that’s the tone you want to play.

It’s not about using the biggest megaphone you can find to blast your message to as many people as possible.  It’s about finding the people who are looking for you, and fitting your message to them.

(Side note:  If you’re just joining our branding process blog series, we’ve linked the first two steps very neatly and conveniently for you, because we’re helpful like that:  Find Your Frequency and Amplify Your Brand.  So without further ado, how can you get creative with your customer and client communications?)

Have An Ongoing Conversation

We want you to develop rich and long-lasting relationships with your clients and customers.  We want them to recommend you to their friends.  But it’s really difficult to have a relationship with someone you’ve never spoken to.  So what’s the solution?  Talk to your audience.  This may mean creating new content that your audience will find valuable, developing a blog, making “sharable” content for your social media pages, or awesome video content that your fans can enjoy.

It might mean devising a strategy for an automated email campaign that allows you to engage your customers personally, even though you’re engaging thousands of them at a time.  Maybe you make a customer rewards program that honors your fans.  You can develop marketing strategies based on who you’d like to reach.  Trade shows, ads, radio, emails, and direct mail are all great ways to reach your audience.

We don’t mean do all of them at once, we mean target your audience and speak what they need to hear in the manner they need to hear it.

Stay True

Now, it can be really easy at this point to lose all the progress we’ve made.  About the first time that your friend starts gushing about this new website they’ve built or an email campaign that’s gotten them notoriety, you might be wondering why you didn’t go that route.

Remember:  All of your marketing efforts must grow out of your company’s brand.  If your message or platform is disconnected from the seat of your brand (your values and personality traits) it might succeed for a while…maybe.  It is more likely to confuse your audience and ultimately be counterproductive.

Market to develop relationships with your fans.  Market from the core of your company.  Don’t copy other people, but hold true to your customers and your business.

It’s time to tell your story.  It’s time to engage your audience, make fans, and have conversations.

Want to learn more about relationship marketing?  Let us contact you.

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