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Why Your B2B Company Won’t Build a Remarkable Brand (Part 1)

The Problem of Non-Branding At Resound, we believe branding is all about uncovering your authentic identity. But many people (especially in highly technical B2B industries like manufacturing, technology, or engineering) don’t believe in “branding”, or don’t believe it is capable of reflecting anything like an “authentic” identity. They think of branding as a company’s way Read More

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Trust or Conversion? How Content Marketing Builds Both Brand and Sales

Content strategy for B2B brands has two primary functions: to build trust and then develop that trust into working business relationships that benefit everyone involved. So how do you think about content strategy in order to set yourself up for building trust, and then converting? Let’s talk about that. Before we get going, I want Read More

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6 Web Development Don’ts for 2017

We’ve come to the last of the installments of our 2017 website tips. We’ve been through design. We’ve been through content. Let’s talk through the final piece of the trifecta: web development. This is where the rubber meets the road. All your strategy, design, and writing will pay off…if you build it correctly. Even though websites Read More

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