Henry+Horne Wins 4 AAM Awards

This is one time that what happened in Vegas…should most definitely NOT stay in Vegas.

Last Wednesday, Resound’s managing partner Mike Jones was at the Association for Accounting Marketing’s annual conference watching our client Henry+Horne accept not one…not two..

not three….

but FOUR marketing awards.

Our Slack board blew up:

But let’s take it back to 2015 when we first started conversations with the firm. They were looking to refresh their brand’s personality and update their website experience. Jaimi, Director of Marketing, and her team had been working hard for years to build a thriving inbound strategy and communicate the family-oriented spirit of the firm.

But their brand and logo were fairly serious and sterile (maybe even cold).

We started on a two-year journey to give Henry+Horne the brand that fit their passion for people and the community. We also worked with them to redesign their website, making it more user-centric and intuitive. If you’re particularly interested in the process, check out our case study. 

Now their brand is more open and friendly, allowing customers to see the real soul of the firm.

Last Wednesday, the Henry+Horne marketing team was publicly recognized for all the hard work they’ve put in for the past two years (and…let’s be honest…way before that). We couldn’t be more proud.

And there was great rejoicing. So now we’re raising money to go back to Vegas – and this time…just to party.


If you’re interested in working with an *ahem* award-winning team, hit us up. (C’mon…we had to say it just the one time.)