Our Free Assessment: New and Improved

by Jan 18, 2017Tools & Resources

Our Free Assessment: New and Improved

by | Jan 18, 2017

You can’t wait until your project is “perfect” – you’ll never introduce it to the world…because perfect is a lie. Sometimes it’s better to ship it, gather feedback, then make it better. Plus, your community can give you important outside perspectives and ideas. You can’t get to remarkable on your own.

That’s pretty much where we were with our Brand Maturity Assessment. You know how we always say, “Iterate, then re-iterate?” We don’t just preach it. We actually did it.

The first version of the assessment was a great…first version! With the amazing feedback we received from clients and our community, we’ve built out the meat of the report and made the assessment itself more intuitive.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Tool tips that can give you more stuff to chew on as you go through the assessment
  • More in-depth explanations and tips for success
  • A checklist of helpful marketing assets
  • A copy of your answers

What hasn’t changed:

  • Personalized results that help you chart a path for growth
  • Categorized scores for the four essential pillars of marketing
  • Recommendations on how to move forward (and get results)

If you weren’t around for the first version, our Brand Maturity Assessment is specifically designed to help CMOs, Marketing Directors, and other senior leaders evaluate their brands’ effectiveness across four main “pillars” of branding: Definition, Communication, Execution, and Position. Each category tackles a unique set of components within the brand; exploring building blocks like values, personality traits, visual and verbal guidelines, and website performance.

It only takes about 15 minutes if you want to check it out: rsnd.co/brand-tool.
Some closing thoughts from our Managing Partner, Mike:

“The rapidly-changing marketing landscape can be overwhelming. Brands get diluted when they chase the latest trends without a clear-cut strategy. It’s a tough spot to be in (especially if you’re the one responsible for getting a brand’s story out to the world). Our tool helps people take a step back from the noise. It’s a challenge: get back to the soul of your brand. That’s where effective execution of any marketing strategy should start. We love to help brands develop their remarkable stories so they can build relationships with their customers in a meaningful and authentic way.”

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