3 Steps to Building Your Brand

1. Find Your Frequency:  Who Are You? You’d be surprised at how many people hear the word “branding” and think, “Oh! Logos and colors.” You might have even thought that when you opened this post. If that was you, no worries. But be prepared, ‘cause we’re about to drop some knowlege. Here’s the reality:  Great Read More


Amplify Your Brand

Has someone ever bought you a brand new appliance?  Remember that time when some shiny new toy was promised to make your life easier, faster, better, and longer?  How many times have you caught yourself leaving the magic machine on the counter and using the same old method you’ve always used? Change is tough, isn’t Read More

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Personality is Everything!

Imagine your best friend. Think about some of their qualities and what attracts you to that person. It wouldn’t really be a shot in the dark to assume that you and that person share some of those same qualities. It’s what forms the friendship; it’s the glue that holds you together. Now imagine someone that Read More


Celebrations and Business

Happy Holidays from Resound!  We hope your celebrations are joyful and delicious. It’s interesting how different companies approach the holidays.  Some have decked the entire office with holly (fa la la la la), put Christmas candy in little dishes, hung all the Christmas cards in front of the reception desk, and planned festive holiday blowout. Read More

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