Brand Identity Helps Organizations Grow

by Feb 1, 2016Branding, Marketing

Brand Identity Helps Organizations Grow

by | Feb 1, 2016


Growth. You’re as likely to hear this word come out of a CEO’s mouth as you are to watch the Cubs not make the post-season cut. In today’s economy we use words like:

  • acquisition
  • merger
  • new products or services
  • geographic expansion

Each of these situations presents its own set of challenges. Mergers and acquisitions include bringing new people into an existing culture and trying to retain a consistent customer experience. They’re extremely delicate situations, and a lot depends on organizations being able to transition well. Many a CEO has suffered sleepless nights during these transitions.

New geographic markets and new products/services imply an intentional effort to expand the reach of an organization, and are likely backed by substantial financial resources. Board members and senior leadership are taking a risk in pivoting the company, and they want to see results. So naturally, it’s the CMO’s turn to lose sleep. The stakes are high, and everyone’s on edge.

Ultimately, losing customers and failing to grow is the fear. If communication gets muddy, the audience is left saying, “I don’t know who you are anymore!”


What’s at stake?

An organization that has not taken the time to define their brand will have a major identity crisis in all mergers or acquisitions. Introducing new employees in those scenarios becomes a guessing game. There is no defined set of values and personality traits to welcome them into. How are they supposed to communicate the brand to customers if they don’t know it themselves?

When you’re introducing new products or expanding to new territories, having a defined brand identity makes life easy. You already have your core messaging and a voice that resonates with your audience in your native context. Carry that voice into new products and new markets and have fun watching the positive analytics reports.

The solution needs to start early.

There is a way to enter into these experiences set up to succeed. Organizations who have foresight save themselves massive amounts of anxiety in the middle of a growth season.

Brand identity is the answer.

Brand identity is a mirror that reveals the depths of your company’s uniqueness and reflects its essence in the purest form. It’s made up of values that are core to a company, purpose and goals, unique personality traits, and an audience. It also dictates how your brand looks and talks. It’s how you tell your company’s remarkable story.

This is a really good thing.

An organization that puts in the time and effort to discovering their brand identity has good things in its future.

With the solid foundation of a defined brand identity, a company can adjust quickly and with ease. Merger or acquisition? No problem. Onboarding new employees? A breeze. Worried about losing customers in the transition? Don’t. Employees will know exactly what values, personality traits, and purpose they represent from day one. Your audience will encounter consistent and appealing interactions, and develop a positive relationship with your transitioned organization.

Launching new products or entering new markets is not a problem. Every new product simply builds upon the established foundation of your brand identity. With a defined personality, it’s not hard to craft messaging that resonates with a new audience segment. Growth potentials are unlimited when you retain consistency.

“A tree stands strong not by its fruits or branches, but by the depth of its roots.” — Anthony Liccione

Growth. If it’s happening or if you want it to happen, focus your attention towards the foundation of your brand identity. Define core values, personality, purpose, audience, and the story you’re telling. Document it. Get buy-in from your team, and begin building meaningful relationships with your fans! Growth initiatives will feel far more exciting, and less terrifying.

Resound Creative love to help companies this way. We have a process that allows companies to discover their brand identity and begin communicating out of it. To learn more about what that process would look like in your situation, get in touch!

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