When I was a kid, my brother David fell off the top bunk and broke his collarbone. In the hectic moments following the collision, my Dad, in his great wisdom, picked up my brother, sat him down on the chair in the corner of the room, and put a Flintstones themed band-aid around his finger.

Okay, not really. Because that would be totally ridiculous!

When it comes to children and people we love, we instinctively know that when something serious happens we need serious help, and often a professional will get involved to offer their insight into the situation. My parents took my brother to the doctor, and the doctor determined he broke his collarbone… needless to say they let him do . . .

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In this day and age, we’re all bombarded with messages – particularly messages of the email variety.  As marketers, we spend so much time writing great content for our audience.  It’s a shame if they don’t even open your email.  How do we get that click-through?

1. Get to the point.

Don’t waste someone’s time.  If you want to create trust and stand out in a crowded inbox, get right to the point of the email.  This should go without saying, but some people still create gimmicky subject lines that are misleading or boring.  Let us say this:  Even if they happen to click your email once, they won’t make that mistake again.  For instance, if you sell handmade greeting cards, don’t . . .

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