Imagine walking into an artist’s studio. You will certainly see a huge array of colors, paints, brushes, palettes, you name it. If that artist is painting at that moment, and you were to look at the palette the artist is using on his current art board, without even seeing the painting, you can kind of get a feeling for the mood of that painting.

If there were dark shades of blues, purples, grays and black mixed together and being used, you wouldn’t think that they are trying to portray a daylight scene. You’d probably guess that it were either of a night sky, or just a darker theme in general.

In a similar sense, we like to provide the mood of your . . .

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Resound Creative is once again on the hunt for a new agent for our strike team.  We need a web developer to relieve our team out in the field.  

Who’s We?

We are a small (but growing) team and work in an office in Tempe, downstairs from a gaggle of engineers and next door to an exterminator. All in all, it’s quite a nice setup! We have a Chemex for making delicious coffee, an awesome officemate with a spiffy drone, a Wii, and a whole ton of hackysacks.

We love working with people who show up, work hard, and love their craft…we also love Chipotle, craft beer, and

Besides group health, dental, and quarterly bonuses, we provide unlimited Cheez-Its and free team . . .

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I recently read a brilliant article written by a marketing and branding titan about how Apple changed the culture of customers’ expectations when interacting with brands. I’ve been stewing on a response ever since, because I think the author stopped short in describing the implications of this culture shift. Similarly, I think brands everywhere are stopping short of their potential.

In the article, the author points to the advent of Apple stores and how they redefined the retail shopping experience. Shopping used to follow a predictable form with cash registers at the front, cashiers manning their stations, and products filling shelves and aisles and racks throughout the rest of the square footage. Apple turned that model on its head when they . . .

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It’s finally here, the next big thing you didn’t know you were waiting for:  Hypertext Transfer Protocol 2 (HTTP/2). I’m sure you’re asking yourself “what is that?” I was too, so I did some reading. HTTP/2 is the latest approved version of HTTP, the protocol used by browsers to download websites from servers. The last version, 1.1, has not been updated since 1999, which may as well been a lifetime ago considering the evolutionary speed of web development. That was before tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, and gaming consoles all had the ability to browse web pages. The world has drastically changed since then and now it’s time that the underpinning system of how these websites are delivered catches up.

The . . .

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