Not Another Blind Date: Finding Your Frequency


“Who am I?” “Why am I here?”

We know … so melodramatic.  But, seriously. Do you know the answers?

What do you say when someone asks you, “What’s your company like?” or even, “What does your company do?”

Is your answer true to your company culture and purpose?

Can you answer in 30 words or less?

If you can’t, your clients and colleagues probably can’t either.  And when potential clients can’t figure you out, it’s like going on the same blind date over and over again (either people don’t remember you, or they’re just very confused).

Think of it this way:  when you don’t boil down the essence of your company into a clear brand, you come across like you have multiple personality disorder.


We are very smart and sophisticated.”


“Naawww, we’re really chill and laid back!”


“But we just want to help you.”




“(Hey, so … Where’d everyone go?)”

Scary.  Especially to the average Mr. Potential Client who just stumbled on your website.

That’s why the first step Resound takes in any branding process is what we call Finding Your Frequency.

Finding Your Frequency

Okay, finding your frequency.  What the hula-hoop does that mean?  Simply this:  You have a story to tell, a unique angle that makes your business memorable.  Yes, your company is ever-evolving, but there are a few key elements which remain consistent, a handful of core traits that people can always expect from you (and can easily remember).  How does Resound find your frequency? Here are three tools that we use:

Discovery Workshops

These one-on-one interviews embody the coffee-swigging, story-swapping, getting-to-know-you process.  You tell us what you think of yourself, and what you want others to think of you.  We discover what makes your company tick from every angle we can find (employees, clients, competitors).  Everyone will have a different perspective, but eventually we see a common thread in the fabric of your company.

These common threads will lead us to define the things that will help you remain consistent in your communications.

Key Values

Now, let us stop you right here, because we know you’re thinking, “Values?  Like right and wrong?”  That’s not really what we’re talking about.  When we say “key values”, we mean three to five things that your company really cares about.

For instance, if a girl has a blind date with a guy who shows up wearing a Coyotes jersey, she’ll most likely conclude that he values the Coyotes.

This concept presents itself a little more subtly in the business world, but it’s just as important.  Say one of your key values is altruism, because you genuinely care about the well-being of your customers.  It would be misleading and counter-productive for you to brag about last quarter’s profit margin on your website.  You would do better to feature customer-focused content, such as testimonials.

What does your company care about?  What principles fuel your decisions?

Some examples might be: practicality, creativity, integrity, intelligence, friendliness, puppies… whatever it is that motivates and guides your decisions.

Personality Traits

If we treat values as the inner essence of a person, then personality traits are the outward expression of who they are.

When two people go on a blind date, they are gathering insight into the other’s personality by observing how the other walks, talks, dresses, drinks, dances, or even sits.

It’s the same with professional relationships.  The random person who comes across your website is making judgments about your company based on the way you look (design), and the way you talk (written content).  With this in mind, you should uncover a few “personality traits” that determine the choices you make in regards to all communications.

Some examples might be: fun, wise, outgoing, passionate, or protective.

Find Your Frequency

We all have a unique voice.  It’s just up to us to make sure that we’re representing who we really are.  No one likes the guy that flirts like he’s single… then puts his arm around his wife.  Figure out who you are, and introduce yourself.

Finding your frequency will help you go from “first date” to “committed relationship” with your customers.

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