Meet Our Numbers Guy: Robert

by Mar 18, 2016Inside Resound

Meet Our Numbers Guy: Robert

by | Mar 18, 2016

Norman, Robert_headshot

Clearly, the Resound team is a group of creatives. It’s in the name: Resound Creative.

And, everybody knows that creative people may not be the best at details. Even if they are, they probably don’t enjoy logistical operations. Up until now, Resound’s partner trio has taken care of billing, expenses, payroll, budgets… You know, admin stuff.

Then we met Rob.

Rob has shouldered all daily operations — and that’s no small feat. He spent his first week tracking down receipts like a police dog. But he’s used to that, having worked at Vanguard (retirement plan division) and a local financial adviser’s office in Tempe.

Rob’s not just a numbers guy, though. He double majored in Film & Digital Media and Theater Arts at Baylor University, so he spent his time building sets, acting, and managing film sets. He’s also starting up not one, but two podcasts this year.

This very eligible bachelor also brews beer, photographs landscapes, plays video games, and writes for an Arizona Cardinals blog called Revenge of the Birds.

So why Resound? Well, according to Rob, “I had been following the company ever since I saw Mike Jones post on Linkedin and researching the website impressed that Resound Creative was a workplace that understood what the future of work would be in a digital age. When I saw the position for admin support. I jumped at the chance to get back into an operational role to where I could help support others around me in accomplishing their jobs.”

Well, you nailed that goal, Rob. We’re really grateful to have you on board! As for the rest of you… Take a quick coffee break, and meet Rob:

Resound: Tell us the best piece of advice you’ve ever received.

Rob: The “Wear Sunscreen” Essay from a newspaper column by Mary Schmich, published by the Chicago Tribune on June 1, 1997. It’s too long to write here, but I implore everyone to read it at least once every year.

Resound: What is your secret superpower?

Rob: Trivia. I have an outrageous amount of knowledge on subjects that do not pertain to my occupation it’s incredible. Thus I am quite useful at bar trivia.

Resound: Where would we find you on a rainy day?

Rob: Playing a sport in the rain. Or drinking scotch watching it.

Resound: What’s your favorite movie?

Rob: I’m going to change the question slightly because I could spend hours trying to make a decision. Two of my top 5 movies are Big Trouble in Little China and The Big Kahuna. Why? Big Trouble is a perfect foil to all the 80s action flicks and kung fu movies. Meanwhile, The Big Kahuna is one of the most nuanced films on the nature of selling and religion I have ever seen. Also, it uses the best piece of advice I have ever received.

Resound: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Rob: Flakiness. When I say I can do something or be somewhere, I believe my word is my bond and expect that of everyone else. There is nothing more frustrating than if someone says yes, but means maybe.

Resound: If you were going to open your own food truck, what would you serve?

Rob: Sausages.

Resound: Describe your lunch today in a haiku.


I worked through lunch

Pizza is fortifying

My routine is rough

Resound: It’s improv time! Name 10 things you can ride on a sidewalk:

  1. Bicycle (Well, technically you should be in the street with traffic)
  2. Skateboard
  3. A Segway
  4. Those stupid sideways lithium battery scooter thingys
  5. A car (because movies are totally realistic)
  6. Other people
  7. Unicycle
  8. Child’s wagon
  9. Wheelbarrow
  10. A horse

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