Meet Our New Project Manager: Chris Stadler

You might recognize Chris’s name from the rad new podcast that launched this year: AZ Brandcast. Mike Jones (our Managing Partner) and Chris are a kickass team on the air, so it can’t hurt to bring that smooth chemistry to the business, right?

We say absolutely.

Chris brings more to Resound than a wicked podcast voice and a smooth trigger finger. He has a Journalism degree from the University of Oregon (fun fact, that’s where our developer, Nikki, went to school — we’re a magnet for ex-Oregonians, apparently). He’s also an adept teacher, entrepreneur, writer, and project manager to boot.

And how the heck did this unicorn trot into our camp? Aside from our sweet logo that reminded him of a “rad record company,” Chris said it was trust and relationship that drew him in.

“I wouldn’t fit in at every agency, so it was luck that I ran into Mike and we became friends. It was because I trusted Mike that I got interested in Resound. And when Mike told me he had a position open, I was immediately interested. As I went through the process of interviewing, I felt respected and like I was being set up for success.”

Awww. That’s sweet.

Now that you feel all warm and cozy inside, grab yourself an iced coffee, a generous helping of sunshine (sorry Oregonians, we Zonies have to rub it in), and get to know Chris!

P.S. Go check out Chris’s bio video.

Resound: Tell us about your family, hobbies, pets…stuff like that.

Chris: I love hanging out with my two kids and I enjoy hiking, playing video games, and shooting when I have some me time. I’m also a big soccer fan. I’m still looking for a pickup game near me, so hit me up if you’re in the East Valley.

Resound: What’s something people do that really irritates you?

Chris: Talking during a movie or during an important play when there’s a big game on. It gets on my nerves.

Resound: You got an injection that overcomes your need for sleep. What do you do with all that extra time?

Chris: You just described my perfect scenario. If I had all that extra time I’d probably play video games a lot more than I do now, and I guess I’d just work more. I think it would be awesome if I didn’t have to sleep.

Resound: What’s a brand or person you admire most?

Chris: John Stossel. He questions things without being too obnoxious. He’s smart and decisive, but he gives people a chance to talk and still has a kind of open-mindedness to him. While I may not agree with him about everything, the way he approaches journalism implies some journalistic integrity. Sometimes that’s missing these days.

Resound: What’s something you’re pretty darn sure you’ll never experience?

Chris: I’ll never know what it’s like to be a professional soccer player (sad face).

Resound: Okay, it’s improv time! Name 10 things in your house you couldn’t live without.


  • Coffee maker
  • Laptop
  • 1/4 of my clothes
  • Excessive amounts of pillows for sleeping
  • Roku for watching sports
  • Socket set
  • Leatherman tool
  • Wifi
  • TV (on which to watch Roku sports)
  • My wife and kids to share it all with