Meet Our New Digital Analytics Intern: Alayna Joseph

She’s a Florida girl now living in the Valley of the Sun. Who in their right mind trades the beach for the desert?! Well…..this woman. With a B.S. in Public Health from the University of South Florida and a soon-to-be MBA from ASU, Alayna pushes to have an open-mind and allow herself to be stretched into new directions.

Alayna’s career path led her to a few years of general management in the fitness industry along with additional experience in sales development and recruitment. She has a love for serving others and helping in any way possible. While experience has taught her well, Alayna’s love for leadership has taken her back to the books where she is studying the concentrations of entrepreneurship and marketing.

So where does Resound come in for her?

“I learned about Resound through Mike. I attended a small networking event and met Mike there. His story was so inspiring to me and I really wanted to learn more. I was seeking internship opportunities and after mentioning this to Mike, was informed about this one. My values have never been so aligned with a company before. I am so honored to be on this team!”

While Alayna values hard work, she makes time for the things that matter. She’s a worship leader at her church and also teaches others about fitness. She loves journaling and is a self-proclaimed photographer (selfie queen). She has a loving husband, no kiddos or pets yet, and cherishes being the middle child of three sisters. Above all, she has been deemed the best aunt ever by her niece and two nephews. A high honor indeed.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Resound: Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes.

Alayna: I am an absolute shoe hoarder, so I can’t say that I have one favorite pair! However, there’s nothing like a fresh pair of Nikes with some comfy sweatpants.

Resound: Do you have any 2018 plans yet?

Alayna: Yes! So far there’s graduation in May, a trip back home to Florida and a girls’ trip to Jamaica!

Resound: What is your favorite Christmas song? Why?

Alayna: Such a hard question. I would have to say NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.” It gives me all the feels and never fails to get me into the Christmas spirit.

Resound: What brand can’t you live without?

Alayna: Apple! No explanation needed.

Resound: What would you tell twelve-year-old you?

Alayna: Fall in love with YOU. Don’t depend on validation from those around you.

Resound: What’s one city in the world where we’ll never find you?

Alayna: Lincoln, NE

Resound: If there were a pill you could take for every meal, would you still eat? If so, what?

Alayna: Yes. I would still eat and would not take the pill. I’d eat a homemade, veggie burrito bowl topped with teriyaki sauce.

Resound: It’s improv time! Name 10 things that would never make a good B2C product.


  1. Skunk scented cleaning products
  2. Lighters for kids
  3. Transparent baby diapers
  4. Funky scented socks
  5. Rotten Bananas
  6. Reading glasses with multi-color lenses
  7. Straw pants
  8. Brick shoes
  9. Beet meat
  10. Veggie flavored cake