Meet Our Golden(doodle) Boy: Luke

by Mar 6, 2015Inside Resound

Meet Our Golden(doodle) Boy: Luke

by | Mar 6, 2015


He’s hip! He’s musical! He has a goldendoodle….introducing our new Account Representative:  Luke Miller!

Luke was trained in a piano company – the ultimate hybrid of art, education, and business.  He’s very passionate about sales and marketing mixed with a heavy dose of healthy customer relationships.  That’s why Luke was all-in with Resound the second he heard David Cosand say “Relationship Marketing.”  With a B.S. in Communications from ASU, he’s found his knack for nurturing companies from small seeds into strong and healthy organisms.

When he’s not working for Resound, his current hobbies are natural building (cob house, anyone?), and chilling with his goldendoodle Linus.  Yes, Linus as in The Peanuts.  So grab a cup of coffee (because we’re sure he’s got one), and get to know Luke.

And…may the force be with you, Luke. (sorry, we had to)

Resound:  Make an acronym about yourself/your life using the word “acronym”.


         Acronyms are fun!

         Captain my captain!

         Risk -it’s the name of the game (said regularly in the context of playing Risk).

         Often times I’ll dream of better ways to do life

         Nice and caring to people

         Yo- only to be preceded by “Fro”


Resound:  What’s your favorite song to play, and your favorite instrument to play it on?

Luke:  As a piano salesman, I learned Coldplay’s “The Scientist” and played it about a half million times on the piano. It’s pretty, but I wish I knew more than the first four chords.

Resound:  If pain is weakness leaving the body, how does strength leave?

Luke:  Through the chimney, just like Santa Claus.

Resound:  Describe your lunch yesterday….Dr. Suess style.

Luke:  A thought floated into my noodle and it said “Hey Doodle, get off your poodle and go eat some sauce and noodles. Wash it down with a cup of cold floodle and call it cool-dol.” So I warmed up the sauce and stirred in the noodle and meanwhile my goldendoodle exclaimed “Hey! What about my lunch? How rude-le!”

Resound:  If you had 5 minutes to relocate to Liechtenstein, what’s the first thing you would bring with you?

Luke:  My wife, Lauren!

Resound:  We know it’s a long way off, but if you could retire anywhere, where would you retire?

Luke:  Somewhere out in the country (but with all my closest friends and family) where we could garden and raise animals and live in community.

Resound:  Rain or shine?

Luke:  Rain!

Resound:  Name 10 animals you would keep as pets if money was no object:


  1. Turtle
  2. Fish
  3. Lizard
  4. Penguin
  5. Monkey
  6. Goat
  7. Otter
  8. Great Dane
  9. A second turtle
  10. A second fish (they sound easy!)

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