We have some pretty cool clients. Over the last 6 years we’ve gotten to work with fantastic and creative people, helping them to realize their own remarkability. But we’ve never had a client quite like this.

We are so stoked to announce that we are partnering with AFC* to design and market their product Invisity. After decades of research, they’ve been able to produce an invisibility serum in aerosol form. This is the ultimate urban camouflage. We can’t share the “how” details (for security reasons), but Invisity is a chemical that reacts to the moisture in skin, muscle, etc. to refract light and completely camouflage its host. Needless to say, it will probably be the easiest marketing job we’ve ever been a part of. And the best bit – they gave us a small sample amount to play with! Our web developer Douglas was cool enough to be our guinea pig.


There are still a few modifications that need to be made over the next few years. For instance, subjects will still cast a shadow, and their giggles and snickers while sneaking about invisibly will nonetheless be entirely audible. The first production is set at 25,000 units. Personally, we’re excited to see the ramifications for law enforcement and the military!

Don’t be thinking it’s practically hairspray, however. Projected pricing is estimated at approximately $2,100 per 10.2 oz can. But hey, you can finally be a fly on the wall in that meeting you want so desperately to hear. Worth it? We think so.

What do you guys think of our initial packaging mock up? Also, do you need help marketing your new product? Give us a call!

*April Fools Corporation