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Needed: Admin Assistant

Resound is looking for someone to help with financial reports, invoicing, and office management. We need someone detail-oriented (like, borderline OCD), and let’s face it, a Microsoft Excel wizard. Check out our job description for more details.

This is a part-time position, so we’re thinking about 20 hours a week. Work schedule is flexible, and there’s an opportunity to work from home on occasion.

Interested? Hit us up at jobs@resoundcreative.com.

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Resound Creative is once again on the hunt for a new agent for our strike team.  We need a web developer to relieve our team out in the field.  

Who’s We?

We are a small (but growing) team and work in an office in Tempe, downstairs from a gaggle of engineers and next door to an exterminator. All in all, it’s quite a nice setup! We have a Chemex for making delicious coffee, an awesome officemate with a spiffy drone, a Wii, and a whole ton of hackysacks.

We love working with people who show up, work hard, and love their craft…we also love Chipotle, craft beer, and Giphy.com.

Besides group health, dental, and quarterly bonuses, we provide unlimited Cheez-Its and free team . . .

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It’s not very often in life that you come across something you didn’t know before — something surprising.

For instance, we bet you knew that Marvel’s Avengers 2 is coming out in May.

You probably knew that Hillary Clinton is opening a string of hospitals (oops!)…we mean running for president.

You certainly knew that Heineken makes awesome commercials with Neil Patrick Harris who is also awesome.

But we bet you didn’t know this:  Resound has opened not one, but two new positions this week.  We are very excited to announce that we are searching for — drumroll please — an Art Director and a Web Development Intern!

Art & Development

We envision a world where well-crafted design meets cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate customer experience . . .

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Apparently, web development is all the rage nowadays.  Everybody wants a cool website, with multiple functions and plugins.  Sometimes we find ourselves drowning in a swirling sea of eCommerce, URLs, WordPress themes, plugins, and APIs.  Sometimes we just need someone to slay the HTML dragon.

We need a knight in coding armor!  A valiant chap or chappette who will put their life on the line every single HTML-slinging day.  Maybe you have experience building websites with WordPress and can do cool stuff with PHP and MySQL.  Maybe you’ve even built a WordPress plugin or two.  Maybe you know that Bower is not a character in Super Smash Bros.

Maybe you don’t, but you know someone who does…Either way, we want to meet . . .

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Resound Creative is looking for another remarkably creative individual to come join our team.  We are looking for (drumroll. please)…

A Design Intern!

Ok, let’s take a personality test.  You do which of the following:

Sit around your house dreaming up neat web design concepts
Constantly learn new things
Think about school, because you’re a college student or a recent college grad
Just wish you worked in an office with awesome people who play hacky sack and do super-crazy improv stuff
All of the above

Have your answer?  Let’s psychobabble.

If you answered A:  You’re a creative genius with a mind for web design.  You are passionate about branding and graphics, and have an all-around thirst for awesome sauce.  You might be our new design intern!

If you answered B: . . .

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Man, 2014 has been crazy! As our clients have grown and as we’ve added new client relationships, we’ve had to grow our staff several times over the past 7 seven months. And now we’re doing it again!

Right now we’re looking to fill two full-time positions: a Marketing Coordinator and a Junior Web Developer. If you (or someone you know) have these skills and experience (and are hard working, smart, and a lover of learning) we’d love to chat! Take a gander at the job descriptions linked here and then give us a holler at jobs@resoundcreative.com

Marketing Coordinator opening at Resound Creative

Junior Web Developer opening at Resound Creative

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