The Costs of Greatness

Building a great brand doesn’t happen by accident. It doesn’t come easily to anyone. It’s hard work and requires an almost inhumane level of commitment to values in service to a bigger “why.” Most people aren’t willing to do the work. That’s why so many brands fall flat. But for those of us who are Read More

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A Good Name is Better than Riches

Why does a good name matter? You might as well ask “why do we do business with people we trust?” There are two parts to authenticity: your own belief in your truth and actual truth (correspondence with reality). Constructing an authentic brand means exploring the objective truth about yourself and then finding the confidence to Read More


Why Branding Matters

When it comes to developing a brand, many companies will settle for a logo and name that seems unique. They believe that if their logo and name are clever enough, they will stand out in the marketplace. And they might. But it’s a mistake to brand on anything other than your substance. Your authentic brand Read More

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