3 Steps to Building Your Brand

by Oct 23, 2015Branding

3 Steps to Building Your Brand

by | Oct 23, 2015


1. Find Your Frequency:  Who Are You?

You’d be surprised at how many people hear the word “branding” and think, “Oh! Logos and colors.” You might have even thought that when you opened this post.

If that was you, no worries. But be prepared, ‘cause we’re about to drop some knowlege. Here’s the reality:  Great branding resides at the “soul” level. What is the “soul” of your company? What do you really care about – what are you passionate about? Your core values and unique personality traits are the things you really need underneath that fantastic logo.

Be authentic. No one likes a brand that’s only skin-deep. Sure, you should build out fonts, colors, and your brand voice, but not before you know who you are.

Everything should flow out of your identity.

2. Amplify Your Brand: Build Consistent Platforms

To be heard, you’ve got to have a platform. Hey, you probably have many platforms for reaching your audience.

You probably have a website, business cards, and maybe a brochure. But before you move on, think about your potential customers – think about their journey. Where are they going to interact with your business? On your Facebook page? Your email templates? How about your voicemail? Heck, even your receipts can be a platform for getting your brand’s unique message out in the world.

Sweat the details. Make sure every step in your customer experience is interesting and engaging. Also, make sure you’re consistent.

3. Resonate with your audience:

If you’ve been in business awhile, you probably already know that the best customers find you by word-of-mouth.

But how does that happen? How do people just magically come waltzing in your doors, already sold?

The first step is realizing that magic has nothing to do with it. When your message, product, and service are consistently remarkable, customers just have to tell others! Obviously, this means you have to know your audience…way beyond a “demographic”. What irritates them? What are they thinking? How does your product solve their problem? Do they know it solves their problem? What are they passionate about?

If you’re sitting in your chair sipping your coffee thinking, “How am I supposed to know all that?”, we have one word for you: Ask. Ask them! Talk to them. Study them. Then craft your messaging and your product specifically to delight them.

People aren’t going to tell their friends about a status quo experience. They’ll start talking when they’re notably impressed. They’ll probably be fans for life.

If you’re ready to make fans for life, hit us up!

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