Building a Better AEC

Here at Resound we’ve got a soft spot in our hearts for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. I think that’s probably because the people in this industry are extremely intelligent, and have a high value for creativity. Likewise, we’re extremely creative, and…just intelligent enough to carry on a conversation with them.

But, hey, at the end of the day we all play the same video games.

We love working with AEC firms, and I’m going to draw back the curtain on marketing in this industry.

1. Branding

Everyone can pretty much agree that branding is important in a consumer-facing industry (like Nike or Pepsi). But sometimes companies think that branding isn’t nearly as important in a business-to-business (B2B) world. More and more we’re finding that’s . . .

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Maybe you read our blog post last week about the awesome speakers at AIGA’s Phoenix Design Week. Maybe you didn’t. Either way, it’s totally fine.

Because we’re not done talking about it yet.

I think we can all agree that one of the best parts of Phoenix Design Week is the freaking awesome design community in Arizona. As our Design Intern, Nate, said, “My favorite part of Phoenix Design Week was being able to reunite with people that I haven’t seen in a couple months. The sense of community was great and it’s always good to be around a bunch of people with similar interests and goals. It was refreshing to hear such a variety of speakers and learn about where their . . .

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We’re always inspired by Phoenix Design week. This year, five of our team at Resound went to participate in the sharing, inspiration, and learning that is the Design Week Conference. Just in case you missed the main speakers, we’ve recapped the awesome talks (complete with the best quotes!).

Ashleigh Axios, White House Creative Director, was a huge hit with our team!

Stephanie (our art director) said, “I enjoyed getting an inside look at the SOTU address and seeing how they iterated on their processes to make it a more interactive and content-rich experience. Designing for the betterment of people is a tough job, and it’s even tougher when you feel the weight of the Presidency (and all it means to be “Presidential”) bearing . . .

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