Apparently, web development is all the rage nowadays.  Everybody wants a cool website, with multiple functions and plugins.  Sometimes we find ourselves drowning in a swirling sea of eCommerce, URLs, WordPress themes, plugins, and APIs.  Sometimes we just need someone to slay the HTML dragon.

We need a knight in coding armor!  A valiant chap or chappette who will put their life on the line every single HTML-slinging day.  Maybe you have experience building websites with WordPress and can do cool stuff with PHP and MySQL.  Maybe you’ve even built a WordPress plugin or two.  Maybe you know that Bower is not a character in Super Smash Bros.

Maybe you don’t, but you know someone who does…Either way, we want to meet . . .

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He’s hip! He’s musical! He has a goldendoodle….introducing our new Account Representative:  Luke Miller!

Luke was trained in a piano company – the ultimate hybrid of art, education, and business.  He’s very passionate about sales and marketing mixed with a heavy dose of healthy customer relationships.  That’s why Luke was all-in with Resound the second he heard David Cosand say “Relationship Marketing.”  With a B.S. in Communications from ASU, he’s found his knack for nurturing companies from small seeds into strong and healthy organisms.

When he’s not working for Resound, his current hobbies are natural building (cob house, anyone?), and chilling with his goldendoodle Linus.  Yes, Linus as in The Peanuts.  So grab a cup of coffee (because we’re sure he’s got . . .

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