2015: A Resound Lookback

by Jan 15, 2016Inside Resound

2015: A Resound Lookback

by | Jan 15, 2016

Welcome to 2016! How was your year?

We don’t know about you, but our office sure changed a lot in the last year. In the course of 2015, Resound gathered 7 more remarkably creative people. We also worked quite a bit on our process and strategy.

If you know us, you know we love to tell stories. So here’s a look back at 2015 in the Resound office.


Resound Turned 6 Years Old

Resound BrirthdayLunch

Matt, Mike, Jeff, Sam, Garrett, Chelsea, and Douglas waiting for pizza

The team celebrated six great years of business with a…pizza. Woo! Six years earlier, January 2009, Mike, Jeff, and David formed Resound Creative Media, LLC.


We said goodbye to Garrett, our amazing wordsmith and marketing specialist.


Dat tie doe

Dude, we miss your snappy dressing and dry humor. Garrett has a passion for videography, and he is now working in his happy place — with cameras.

We said hello to Luke, our account rep!


Douglas, Matt, Luke, Mike, David, and Chelsea chow down at Pei Wei

Luke impressed David with his drive to form real relationships and help others do the same. He came on board to help Resound take care of clients, and find new ones. We love his goofy office dancing and sick beats.


We said goodbye to Matt


Kayla, Chelsea, Douglas, Matt, Mike, and Jeff at Five Guys

We said goodbye to the King of Flannel and our web developing wizard, Matt. Second to Mike, he was our resident coffee guru. *CoughSnobCough* He moved on to grow to his photography studio, because he’s super-multi-talented.

Resound got a Chemex.

See, we had been using Matt’s Chemix, and frankly, we were spoiled. Matt took his Chemix with him, and Mike bought one for the office. If you don’t understand why this is an important moment in 2015, clearly you’ve never had a Chemex.


We welcomed Nikki.

Nikki is brilliant. Also, if Resound did Dundie awards like on The Office, she’d be voted “Most Likely to Be On Slack at 3am” (she’s not a huge fan of the 9-5 idea). She solves problems like a boss, and she’s also our office illustrator.


Just a few of Nikki’s illustrations


We met Jeff.


(clockwise) Chelsea, Kayla, Nikki, Mike, Jeff, Douglas, and Stephanie

Jeff came on board as a web developer intern to help Nikki and Douglas with some overflow dev work. He has a great laugh, and he’s really into Clash of Clans. Also, he speaks a little Czech…so that’s awesome.

We said hello to Stephanie.


Well, it has been reported to be the happiest place on earth.

Stephanie stepped in to head up our design team as Art Director, and has played an integral part in Resound’s positioning throughout the year. Also, she has been to Disneyland California three separate times this year. We thought about an intervention, but it makes her so happy.

We welcomed Paul.

Paul came on board as our second web development intern about the same time Jeff did. He played a huge role in getting Resound’s own website up and running, while finishing his own degree at ASU (which he did last month). We’re proud of you, man!


We Had A Big Meeting

It was called the All-Hands Meeting, and it was pretty epic.

All Hands

David, Jeff, Stephanie, and Paul dreaming up something awesome

The team did some improv games and ate bagels for breakfast. We brainstormed, snacked, guessed Myers Briggs personality types, and played hangman — a great day all the way around. Speaking of hangman…do you know what a “leveret” is? Jeff did. We didn’t. Look it up.

And yeah, this actually happens.

And yeah, this actually happened.


We were working hard.

And didn’t have time for photos, new hires, or other big news. Some months, it’s okay to just put your head downs and crank.


We welcomed Ben.

Mike, Luke, Douglas, and Ben embrace office conformity

Mike, Luke, Douglas, and Ben embrace office conformity

Ben joined our growing web development team, bringing his awesome graphic T’s with him. He’s been doing web dev for 11 years, and has brought that rich experience and perspective to our office. He’s also incredibly witty, and if you can catch those jokes he mumbles under his breath, you’ll be a happier person.

We welcomed Nate.

Design team

The design team takes a hint

Nate came on board as a much-needed design intern. He just graduated from ASU design school, and he has awesome, gravity-defying hair. He’s done so much to lighten Stephanie’s load and make sure clients get exactly what they need.

We said farewell to Chelsea.

Almost as soon as Nate got here, we bid our designer Chelsea a fond adieu. We miss her alot, but she was determined to get out of Arizona. (Which, frankly, we don’t understand. It’s not hot here or anything.) She’s having way too much fun in Colorado now, but she keeps in touch.


We ain’t even mad.


We went to PackExpo.

Ok, to be more specific, Luke and Mike went to the annual Packaging Expo in Las Vegas. They met amazing people, and were so impressed by the innovation and creativity in the packaging industry. Here’s just one video from the many they captured over two days at the conference.



We went to Design Week.

This has become a given for Resound. AIGA Arizona always does such a great job with their design week, which is filled with inspiration and community. This year was no exception. Resound sponsored the conference, and made swag from old records with links to a special download.


PHXDW swag

We Launched Our New Website.

Finally! After working on it for over a year, we launched the Resound website 2.0. Now we have case studies, a team page, a process page. It’s all very exciting.


Fallout IV Released.

It released on November 10th, 2015. We’re going to be honest, this impacted our office more than one might think. More than a few of us would have rather been at home…playing Fallout IV.


Ye Old Guide for Catching Santa

The whole team created a really fun Christmas book. Each Resounder made his/her own plan to catch Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Again, we were impacted by the creativity and humor on the Resound team. Everyone did a phenomenal job. P.S. If you haven’t seen the plans, here’s the link to download them.

Star Wars Released.

Not so long ago in an office that’s actually pretty close…
Everyone got very excited.
The end.

Looking Ahead

It has been an unbelievable year. This young company saw a lot of internal growth, and went through the growing pains that growth always brings. But we’re constantly impressed with the individuals on our team, and we know they’ll launch us into 2016 like the Saturn V rocket.

Thank you to all of our remarkable clients. It has been such a privilege to work with you this year. As we look into next year:

  • We hope that you are highly memorable.
  • We hope that your voice reaches people.
  • We hope you stand out.
  • We hope that you build meaningful and lasting relationships.

Happy New Year!

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