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Looking as good as you actually are - how Resound helped Supercool redevelop their website, produce a brand video, and tackle brand and product photography.

A Website That Wasn't Supercool

TSI Supercool had been in the game for a while. They knew their specialty lubricants back to front, had top notch credentials, and enjoyed strong relationships with many businesses in the industrial and automotive design world. They led—and still lead—the industry in designing, testing, and blending synthetic solutions. A trusted name, they delivered customized products to retailers and distributors around the world.

But they had one weakness—their website. With a smattering of pages that were old, unclear, and full of broken links, Supercool’s online presence wasn’t doing them, or their customers, any favors. Even with stellar products, splendid customer relationships and a strong reputation, a shoddy-looking website can threaten everything. At the end of the day, Supercool’s website wasn’t showcasing the company, its offerings, or its remarkable history. Even worse, new and existing customers couldn’t find the products they were looking for.

“Resound had integrity, and integrity alone distinguishes a lot of people in the world today. They did what they said they would do, and they were a pleasure to work with. Even though we all expect that, more often than not, companies don’t deliver on that. I would say that Resound delivered. The website is much more seamless for us in dealing with our customers and providing them the information they need than it used to be."

Phil Eggen

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Rolling up our sleeves (and not just because of the humidity)

We met Supercool through a referral from a SEO client. After getting to know them, their brand, and their website needs through a one-on-one workshop in West Palm Beach, Florida, we realized that Supercool needed a whole new website. Eyeing the end result of a slick, easy-to-navigate website with an entire online catalogue of Supercool’s products, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Our content strategy took a three-pronged approach following our U/X strategy workshop - take great photos, capture processes through video, and then build a website from scratch.

Industry-leading brands need industry-leading visuals

Before we left Florida, our Chief Creative Officer, Sam Pagel, had taken hundreds of photos of Supercool’s processes, Florida warehouse, team, and products, along with video footage showcasing their lab, facilities and product development.

We used these visual elements to show, not just tell, Supercool’s customers about why their products are different and better. It’s amazing what a few professional photos can do on a company’s website.

Capturing the Supercool lifeblood: Product Photography

Back home in Arizona, we got to work crafting and designing the brand new website. A big part of this (as you might expect on a website with over 700 products) was the product photography.

Supercool opted to ship us over 100 of their most popular products to take professional photos of the products and their packaging. These photos gave the entire web project (and their other marketing outlets) an instant upgrade, going from pixelated to hi-res and making sure even the most uniquely-colored products (like U/V dye) were accurately captured.

"They had a project timeline, and they were great at working hard to hit those goals. Any time we ran behind was because it took us longer to get them the information they needed.

Even though we got very busy, we stayed committed to the website project but we didn’t have as much free time as anticipated. If we were behind by a week on a segment, it’s because we were slow, not them.

They were kind and patient with us. It was very much a team effort to the extent that we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again on projects in the future."

Phil Eggen

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Flexing all the Muscles

A major part of getting this web project to the finish line was helping the Supercool team manage their database with specific information for their catalog of over 700 products. The task was a whopper, forcing us to flex our muscles in product management, data sets, SEO, communication, custom web development, and a range of other skills.

But we put the time in, took the curveballs that came with such a large web project, and made sure it all looked and functioned like an industry-leader’s website should.


Trust (and show) the process

Supercool is very proud of their processes and we can understand why. With the ability to formulate, test, blend, and package their products all from inside their Florida facility, they have full control of the quality of their products. This is certainly a differentiator in their industry.

Thus, it was important for Supercool to show, not just tell, the world how their American-made products are crafted. After filming in and around their headquarters, we produced this award-winning video highlighting Supercool's unique abilities.

Award-Winning Video Production

The video above won a Davey Award in the category "General-Products & Services for Online Film & Video" which is judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA).

It’s what the people want

While the end result—a brand new website displaying 781 products—was straightforward enough, the benefits were far-reaching. With a fresh, functional, and classy online presence that showed the world who they were, what they offered, and what made them unique, Supercool opened up their offerings to numerous businesses, linking up with more retailers and distributors in the automotive industry around the world.

It was a total transformation, with an online presence that Supercool’s own employees reacted to with cheers and applause (this really happened). But more to the point, the website did what any well-designed online presence should: it showed Supercool’s history, values and capabilities, while pointing interested people directly to the products they were looking for.

Getting this project to the finish took a lot of hard work, but our task was simple. We took Supercool’s branding, process and products and gave them the optics they deserve. With an aesthetically pleasing online presence and an extensive online catalogue, Veteran-owned Supercool is doing what it does best, supplying businesses and customers around the world with superior, customized lubricants and coolants.

And on our end, we’re happy with a job well done and a happy Supercool client.

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