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Sharefield’s Rebrand Was All in the Name

What’s in a name? 

Well, for Sharefield, basically everything. A brand’s name is usually what breaks the ice. Whether it’s pragmatic and prescriptive like “Century Tires of Tempe,” or as simple, evocative and recognizable as Tesla, the name itself makes the first impression.

While naming a company might be one component of that company’s rebrand, it’s no afterthought…and if it’s a good one — clear, subtle and potent in the way it captures a brand’s story and identity—then a brand name can even stake out some highly coveted territory.

The memory of those who encounter it. 

With all this in mind, we take naming seriously. We know that helping a client develop a brand new name is more than one fashion-savvy friend helping another pick out a new wardrobe. With a name new pending, a brand’s story, journey, and lasting impressions are all on the line.

So when QCS Insurance — a start-up company offering captive insurance, hoping to expand its reach — asked us to help them pick a new name, we prepared accordingly.

We knew that this one would be all hands on deck, a project requiring every tool that might help us capture the remarkable, novel qualities of a small, but growing insurance company with a winsome, stewardly approach to risk sharing.

Henry+Horne Rebrand

About the Company

QCS Insurance began as Quality Check Dairy, a purchasing cooperative among agriculture and dairy companies in the Phoenix-Tempe area. Burned out with poor treatment, arbitrary rules, and the ever-rising premiums of traditional third party insurance carriers, QCS began when a number of companies got together and hatched a plan.

The result was a regional insurance captive, a self-insured cooperative that called on members of employee-owned companies to pool their resources, share best practices, shoulder the cost of insuring themselves against accidents, and raise the bar on safety and prevention.

The new model worked.

By teaming up with other security-conscious companies, members found themselves and their workforces rising to the occasion. By taking control and ownership over claims, accident resolution, and out-of-pocket expenses, members watched something incredible happen. Membership spiked, monthly costs sank, the number of accidents and claims dropped, and the regional dairy and agricultural industry grew in reputational excellence.

Fast forward a few years…and QCS insurance realized that it could offer the same model of cooperative insurance to other regional companies. Those who shared their values of discernment, safety, proactivity and loss prevention could likewise improve their business by joining a captive…and watch their safety standards improve dramatically. Experience, transparency, infrastructure, community ties, a thorough understanding of risk and claim management — QCS had everything they needed to start bringing others on board.


Everything except a name and logo to tie it all together.

A Nitty-Gritty Process

Finding a name took some back and forth.

While we followed our brand naming process, and dug around with the sounds and meanings of Greek and Latin root words, the board members of QCS racked their brains and offered up some of their own suggestions.

With the face of the brand identity and countless first impressions hanging in the balance, we examined the board's ideas:

  • Four Peaks, (named for the surrounding Arizona mountains)
  • Cascade
  • Forge
  • Steer

And having done our homework of searching long and hard for something noble, elegant, and commensurate to the stellar reputation of a groundbreaking insurance model, we countered with:

  • Lucent (based on the Latin word for transparency)
  • Captivus (a play on ‘captive’
  • Captency (both ‘captive’ and ‘transparency’)

And finally…


When the board heard our list of names, Sharefield caught their eye…and without too much hesitation, they decided to run with it.

All in.

Every pamphlet, mailer, and on every business card and website header…Sharefield.

It was the perfect blend of simplicity and catchiness while being virtually an untapped word (as far as Google was concerned). It was a made up word, but it didn't sound made up. Like it was a natural combo of two simple words that no one had tried before.

With a simple, pastoral-sounding elegance and a capturable, symmetrical two-syllable sound, they found what they were looking for all along…and with a clean, circular pinwheel logo, the elements of color, design, and verbal acuity came together for a stunning brand expression.

sharefield new logo

The Rebrand

When someone at United Dairymen of Arizona, a close client of ours and a member of QCS, referred us, we leapt at the opportunity to guide a thriving insurance start-up through a partial rebrand. The Resound team kicked things off with a two-hour workshop. With the company being local, we drove over and met with the board to get cracking.

Right off the bat, QCS told us what they needed: a brand logo and color palette for marketing materials and (at that time), a potentially new website. But front and center, rather like the bold lettering tattooed across a ship’s prow, a brand new name.

We got right to work on colors and fonts, pulling shades of lavender, turquoise, amber, light gray, and midnight sky into geometric templates. Hexagons, honeycomb, a team huddle with everyone’s hand stacked in a central hub…we searched for the visual equivalents of community. Hand-crafted work. Stewardship. Teamwork and cooperation.


If we hit the name just right, everything else would fall into place.

Henry+Horne Rebrand
Henry+Horne Rebrand
Henry+Horne Rebrand

The End Result

It’s always a win-win when a client loves our work…and on the other side of the fence, it’s not always the case that a client walks away with a name they absolutely love.

But with Sharefield, let’s just say the good vibrations, (or better yet, the sharing of good vibrations) went both ways.

QCS Insurance rebrands to Sharefield
Sharefield business cards

Excited board members spread their enthusiasm to the members of the captive, and soon enough, they launched a clean, eye-catching website with the name, color palette, logo, and a breakdown of why like-minded companies in regional industries should go the insurance captive route. No longer a homeless brand, and with a simple, crisp name to capture its remarkable identity, Sharefield continues to grow its client base across Arizona.

And the Resound team continues to help more remarkable start-ups share their offerings with elegant brand expressions.

If you’re searching for a new brand name, a cohesive brand and marketing strategy, or some help discovering how to grow your business by sharing your remarkable qualities, give us a shout.

You can even check out our book on branding, “You Are Remarkable” along with articles, videos, and a branding podcast on our website.

We’ll catch you next time.

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