Brand Story Worksheet

How to define your brand story.

Brand Values

Give your brand a consistent story.

Great brands tell a consistent story. They train their salespeople, their customer service or other front-line people, and they tell that story consistently throughout all marketing communications.

But if you can’t be concise and singular about the value you bring to the people you serve, or you leave each employee to decide what your brand story sounds like, your customers won’t understand the value you bring.


With this worksheet, you can define a brand story that will educate quickly and convincingly.

  1. Identify the characters of your brand story and their roles.
  2. Craft simple beginning, middle, end, and “what if” pieces of your base brand story.
  3. Refine your base brand story so it flows smoothly and completely.
  4. Learn what takes a brand story from “simple” to “remarkable.”