Deepen Your Brand-Building Efforts

As leaders building and growing remarkable brands, we’re all taxed for mental capacity (not to mention time).

Whether you’re working on your foundational brand essence, a campaign for a specific product, or even growing your marketing capacity, it can be hard to work on it all and not get stuck in your own head.

This exclusive monthly Brand Roundtable event provides you an opportunity to gain that extra bit of inspiration, ideation, and accountability and get moving forward again, together with fellow business founders, marketing leaders, and brand builders.

Bring your next new idea, heaviest challenge, or biggest opportunity and let’s hash it out, all together.

Space is limited: I keep the headcount to 10 to ensure our discussions are deep and meaningful.

Find out when the next Brand Roundtable is happening.

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does it work?

We spend the first few minutes giving everyone a chance to get to know each other. Then we dive in. Each month we give the opportunity for someone to take the ‘chair’ and share their specific idea, challenge, or opportunity. The rest of the group is given a chance to ask a few clarifying questions. And then each person “round the table” gets a (short) opportunity to share their feedback. We usually get through 2–3 ‘chair’ opportunities per session.

Where are these roundtables held?

Every brand roundtable is completely virtual. We use the Zoom platform and will send out a meeting link upon registration. 

How often do these roundtables happen?

Monthly on the 4th Friday of each month at 11 AM MT. If you have a regular scheduling conflict, please let us know as we are planning to increase the frequency of these events as there is need.

Who attends these roundtables?

I strive to bring together a diverse group of brand leaders: business founders and executives, marketing leaders, and brand builders of a variety of different industries (though many do focus on business-to-business). This diversity provides an opportunity to get outside of our own industry practices and hear from others outside who may have new ideas or different perspectives than our own. However, we are all united in our focus on what it takes to build remarkable brands.

Do I need to commit to attending every month?

Nope. Come once. Come seven times. Come every time. Whatever is workable for your schedule. There is certainly value gained from being together regularly, building rapport, trust, and accountability. But I’d just be happy to have you even once.

What if I don’t have a burning issue or opportunity to put in front of the group?

That’s totally fine. In fact, we typically only get through a handful each time. But your experience and skill as a brand builder can help others as they share their own issues and opportunities.

Is this just another networking group?

Not really. While people who attend do get value in new connections made, the emphasis of the time is in helping each other solve problems, ideate, and clarify our own branding efforts. If you’re just wanting to collect a few more virtual business cards, this is not the event for you.

I gotta ask, is this just a sales pitch in disguise?

No. Absolutely not. There is no formal presentation time. There is no opportunity for anyone to pitch their business or products (including myself). This event is about delivering genuine value to one another through sharing openly our challenges and opportunities and then each of us applying our own experience and expertise to help one another grow our brands. This is the very opposite of transaction. It’s about giving.

Will we see you there?

We hope so!