Brand Personality Worksheet

How to define personality traits for your brand.

Personality Traits

Give your brand a personality that will attract your best customers.

Great brands don’t inspire feelings by accident. They’re intentional about it. They think through the impression they give to the world around them and then give that impression consistently.

But if you don’t have that defined, you’re left to pay top dollar to writers and designers who already match your brand and/or you have to tolerate an inconsistent look and feel that leaves people guessing about who you are.


With this worksheet, you can begin to define and craft your personality traits. You’ll:

  1. Learn why personality matters for staying ahead of your competition.
  2. Pick characters and objects that best represent your brand.
  3. Sort through a list of traits to help you define your own.
  4. Gut-check your list.
  5. Refine them by writing polished descriptions.