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    Brand Story

    Every Word Counts: Craft Your Compelling Brand Story to Gain Clarity, Consistency, and Customers

    Every brand is telling a story, but not every brand is telling the right story. There’s an undeniable temptation to make the brand the hero. In reality, the customer is the hero. The brand should be the guide, taking customers through their struggles to the best possible outcome. In this presentation, we’ll cover why a Brand Story is so necessary for effective brand communication, the fundamental building blocks of a compelling Brand Story, and a proven process for creating one for your brand. Let’s get your authentic Brand Story started!

    Brand-First Digital Marketing

    Brand-First Digital Marketing: “Dating” Your Customers for Long-lasting Results

    Your customers are human. No one is looking to be treated like a data set, so a good litmus test for inbound best practices is to think of your inbound funnel like the dating process. This session will follow a typical inbound funnel process (Attract, Engage, Convert, Delight) with a relationship in mind. If you’re getting inside your audience’s heads, offering them value (as they perceive value) and following up, you’ll deepen customer relationships (and loyalty). Get Brand-First Digital Marketing advice – book this talk.

    How to Launch a Startup

    6 Commandments for Launching a Startup Brand

    This talk is perfect for students or entrepreneurs who are just starting out. I’ll walk the room through the importance of branding and six “commandments” (or practices) to get them started on their own brand. These include important steps like market research, defining purpose and core values, and identifying your minimum viable product. And because I believe in tangible teaching, I also walk everyone through one of Resound’s case studies – allowing them to see branding in action. They’ll learn from the successes and pitfalls our clients have encountered, because mitigating failure starts with good strategy and research. Are you ready for this? Let’s get it on the calendar!

    Brand Values

    The Value of Values: Craft the Compelling Beliefs that Drive Employee Engagement, Customer Loyalty, and Growth

    Yeah, I know. Long title. I was in a competition for the longest talk title…you know I won. This session is all about what your brand needs more than patterns and taglines. You need principles that keep you grounded through the lifetime of your brand – the beliefs that serve as objective guideposts to decision-making. Raise the rallying cry for your team, your customers, and your fans. Your brand values are those things that your business stands for – the thing you’ll fight for no matter what. Everyone in this session will get access to tools that will help them narrow down their business values and a process for gut checking and expanding on what you selected. Let’s talk values! I’m ready when you are.

    Brand Personality

    Get a Personality: Differentiate Your Brand in a Sea of Sameness

    Do your customers know what makes your organization different? How about your staff and partners? If you don’t communicate competitive advantage at a brand level, potential customers choose based on a personal connection (or worse…lowest price). In fact, differentiation is one of the hardest aspects of marketing to nail – particularly for small businesses who often boast essentially the same offerings as the big guys. Personality traits (second to values) are the biggest players in brand differentiation. This workshop will help participants flesh them out – to create a human connection with your audience. It’s time to stand apart and be authentic to your organization’s real culture. Schedule a personality workshop.

    Naming Your Business

    Brand Naming: The Nine Guidelines to a Great Name

    Ah, naming. It’s a huge headache to a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be! This talk will walk your group through four different kinds of brand names and nine guidelines for a great name. Plus, we’ll walk through the four steps to picking an awesome name (and sticking with it). Participants will learn the meaning of portmanteu, and why you should never put your name to a vote. Learn the right questions to ask during the process, like, “What are core words that have to do with your business services/products/industry. What fields do we deal with? What groups of people do we serve? Who are we targeting? What do we sell? What’s in a name? Guess you’ll have to find out…

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